In which I mostly stare at my feet.

 Two posts in one day! Yay! I decided I didn’t like leaving my last post for the weekend as a video. Somehow, I much prefer leaving pictures to for you to look at while I’m off gallivanting around town.

There are some dresses or skirts I have that, for whatever reason, I always mean to blog about but never have. This dress is one of them– so far as I can recall, anyway. I’ve worn it at least twice before this, but somehow I just never take pictures when I wear it.  I think it may be that it’s just one of those dresses that usually doesn’t feel like I can do a whole lot to make it a real outfit, so I end up wearing it on its own and not really making it me.

 And I know I’ve worn it in a haul post– which I haven’t done in a while…– but I’m not sure I’ve ever actually done an outfit post with it. Which is a shame, because it’s lovely.

 I have been discovering that I’m really not much of an accessories person lately (or ever, I think). I tend to pick one piece of jewelry aside from the turquoise ring I always wear (which broke, actually, and has to be put back together), and that’s about all the jewelry I wear. If I’m wearing a necklace, I won’t do earrings, and vice versa. And I really don’t like bracelets.

 Rings are about the only thing I’ll wear more than one of at a time.

 And I don’t know what it was about me and not looking at the camera on this day (I wore this on Wednesday) but my feet and the surrounding scenery must have been pretty interesting.

 I think these are probably my favorite pair of shoes ever.

 This necklace is the only piece of jewelry I own that has real jewels in it. It was given to me by my oldest brother. Which is a surprise, because we sort of didn’t get along when I was younger… but then he did give me this right around the time he started dating his wife. Practice jewelry buying, perhaps?

I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday!