The Lumberjack and the Lady

Well, hello there.

I’m not sure if I’m officially “back” yet, since it’s not 2012 and life continues to be unexpected, but I’ll be trying to blog whenever I have a minute (like today) because I realized yesterday that I miss blogging a lot. Except for the part where I have to take pictures in the rain. That, I could do without.

 So my news might be a little anticlimactic for some of you, but two things: one, I got a tripod. Which means that I will now be able to take pictures in more places because I don’t have to search for a post or a garbage can or a barbecue to set my camera on, and I can take more angles and… do more stuff. This also means that when it rains, I can set the tripod and camera under a shelter, and stand in the rain and not worry about the camera getting wet.

I don’t really want to get wet either, but… y’know.

 Second: I quit my job. I won’t be jobless forever– after the new year I’ll start looking again– and I don’t really want to say too much about why I quit because… it’s just not relevant to you guys. But it was a sticky situation and, while I still like my old boss and love my old coworkers, I couldn’t deal with a lot of the things that were going on.

Mostly, it was just too much stress. My job was making me cry, and I’ve always said that if a job makes me cry a lot, it’s not a job worth having.

And third… well, I do have more news, but I think I’ll save it for another day. Because I’m mean like that. I have to keep you coming back, don’t I?

If you noticed that most of these pictures have some sort of blur in them, it’s because I have to get used to my camera’s timing again. Going for 21 days without taking pictures has messed up my sense of timing. I’ll get back with it, I promise.

Also, by the time I got to taking detail shots, the mist had turned into a downpour. So I didn’t get a picture of my owl earrings, which were a Christmas gift, but I’ll show them to you later.

You might not really be able to tell, but I dyed my hair back to mostly normal. The red is still pretty apparent, but this is more what my hair looks like when it’s its natural color.

 Sadly, I’ve lost some weight so this ring doesn’t fit me as well as it used to. It slides around a lot. Oh well.

 I have to say, these shoes are the most impractical shoes I’ve ever bought. I got them years ago, and lost them for an entire year, and just recently found them… and I am so not going to wear these anywhere where standing is imperative.

They’re pretty, though.

Also, this skirt’s tag says “Fashion for 5’3″ and under.” I have to say, if you were 5’3″ or under, this skirt might make you look even shorter. But I could be wrong.

I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday!