The perfect outfit.

This is the perfect outfit for several reasons. One, it’s warm. I’m the advocate of always being warm, especially  here where it rains a lot and is usually cloudy.

Two, there are pockets in this skirt. Pockets! Pockets are the best. Even if they are a little bit hard to find.

Three, there are bright colors. And, if you can believe it, my sweater and tights are even brighter in real life.

Four: owls. Do I even have to say it? Owl brooches= happy me.

Five, this skirt is twirly. You know me and twirly skirts. I could twirl all day, except I would probably get sick and throw up eventually, and I really don’t like throwing up. So I’ll be content to swish it every once in a while.

And six, the shoes. OH the shoes. I love these shoes. They were from Goodwill, they look very 1920’s, and they’re comfortable.

All in all, I think I’ve decided to just wear this outfit forever. I hope you guys don’t mind seeing it every post.

But I have a question: is it weird to wear two brooches at once? I would wear all three of my owl brooches, but one of them just looks off. So these two get to be worn, but the other one doesn’t. Today, anyway.

Also, I’ve started wearing a watch. Sporadically. What do you guys think? My brother thinks it’s very manly. Mom thinks it’s very “me” because it’s different. It is a women’s watch, it’s just… big. And masculine. Which is why I like it, because it’s unique from what most women wear.

And, once again… I love these shoes. The end.

P.S. My hair has grown a lot since I last wore this skirt. And this outfit is the most expensive outfit I’ve worn in months.