In which the title has nothing to do with the post.

You know, fashion blogging is a lot harder than people make it look. First, there’s the getting dressed. This outfit is the last of approximately ten things I tried on today, and at one point while I was sitting there half-dressed, I groaned and said to my closet “why is getting dressed so hard?”

Getting dressed is hard. And part of me is joking, because most days I don’t really think about it. But I always try my hardest to show you outfits I actually wear for the entire day. It has to be warm (because this is Washington and it’s winter), comfortable (I confess, most days I don’t wear my heels all day), and washable (let’s face it: I’m a klutz. I like to climb trees. I drink coffee. I play in the dirt.), and decent (I really don’t want to flash anyone when I bend over, or realize as I sit down that there’s nothing between me and the seat but my tights.)

But getting dressed is only half the fun. After I have finally put something on that doesn’t look like a total mess, I have to wrangle my hair. Which shouldn’t be that hard, seeing as how it’s straight. But it is. Especially when I make the stupid decision the day before to clip my bangs back.

Let’s just say that it takes a lot of patience and water to get things to calm down.

And finally, once my hair is semi-obeying and my outfit is tolerable, I get to photograph it.

And sometimes, in my impatience and boredom, I start to make faces and do weird poses. And then every fifth picture in the batch of photos comes out something like this:

Or this:

I know. I have the modelpose down pat. I should be a  model.

(cue awkward snort-laugh)

And then, finally, I get to come inside and see if any of that effort actually came out good. Today, I realized that wearing white is the bane of my existence. Not only do I have to be extra careful what I touch, eat, and sit on… but my camera hates white. My camera will not adjust properly to white things. Like me. Or this skirt.

So today I realized how fashion blogging really could be someone’s job. It takes a lot of time and effort. There are also other things I didn’t mention, like the post content other than pictures, or the editing photos, or the makeup… or especially the staying clean until I get good pictures.

But all in all, I think it’s a hobby I wouldn’t mind making into more of a source of income. I don’t know whether it’s a lot of income at first– I do know these things take time– but it’s worth looking into. It’s fun. I meet interesting and awesome people. I get to prance around in pretty clothes. And wonder if my neighbors think I’m completely vain. And fear the really fat squirrels that sit on the fence and stare at me in perfect stillness.

Side note: are you jealous of my shoes? You should be. They are the second of my three favorite pairs.

I hope you area all having a wonderful week! I’m going to go eat chips and salsa.

Which could be the worst decision I  make today.