To snow, or not to snow?

The weather has not made up its mind what it wants to do. It snows like mad for fifteen minutes, and then the sun comes out and melts all the snow away, and then the clouds take over and dump again, and then everything gets depressed and gray and mediocre. It’s driving me nuts. I want it to snow already! In big flurries. Until we can’t see anything but white.

But knowing Washington’s weather, it’ll probably just give up and rain, then freeze, and give us all weather that is neither pretty nor safe, and we’ll be stuck at home because the roads are slicker than snot, but there’s nothing fun to do because the snow melted.

And I know there are people who need to drive places, but I really want to be snowed in.

You know, the last time I was dramatically emotional about the weather on my blog, the weather decided to listen to me. Maybe it’ll happen again?

And yes, I was very cold when I took off my coat. The things I do for you. The frostbite I subject myself to. The dripping snow down my back that I suffer. The wind and the rain and the snow and the scary fat squirrels! I take a lot of risks for this blog.

… okay, maybe not.

But, you know, I would never go outside in this cold and stand by a fence for twenty minutes without a coat on for any other reason. I’m not that weird.

Or… maybe I am that weird.

Don’t ask me what’s up with the face. I don’t know. It’s just happened, okay? I can’t control my face. It does whatever it wants to do, usually without my permission.

I’m still wearing a watch! Not that I actually look at it for the time or anything. Really. I forget it’s there and I ask someone else what time it is. And then feel stupid because I’m wearing a watch and I am mostly capable of reading the time from its rose-colored face.

And yes. I am wearing these shoes again. In case you hadn’t noticed.

I have a confession: this skirt is just a tad bit too small. It’s a good skirt to wear when I don’t want to eat much,  because the waist is just snug enough that it presses my stomach in and then I feel really full after about five bites of food.

But then I unbutton the side and I can eat more. Because I love food more than tiny-waisted skirts, even if they are made out of amazing.

And the last time I wore this shirt, my post made the front page of WordPress.

Not that, you know, that’s a hint or anything.

Just sayin’.

I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!