Secrets, celebrations, and stalkers.

First things first: my blog has reached 400 followers!

Well, 401, to be exact. And by followers, I mean people who have subscribed via email. I didn’t count the people who have liked me on Facebook or followed me on Bloglovin’, because I’m not sure how many of those are doubles.  (Side note: I know a few people have asked about Google Friend Connect and RSS feed: Friend Connect doesn’t work with my widgets, and my RSS is broken and I can’t get it to work. So email/Bloglovin/Facebook (also, Twitter) are your only options. Sorry.)

I don’t know why I think 400 is so exciting, but it is. I have been watching my subscribers for the past week thinking “Oh, come on, just fifteen more! Just ten more! Just five more! Just three more!” and then today I got home from errands and voila! There in my inbox were a bunch of new subscriber emails, and my stats proudly announced that I have 401 followers.

And as I am not a planner, I  knew I wanted to celebrate, but then I thought “wait… the weather is terrible right now so I have no special outfits, and I have nothing else that is exciting to share!”

Except that I do.

See, there’s this secret I have been keeping from you because I’m devious and I wanted to wait for a good time to share. I thought I might wait a lot longer, and I considered waiting for 500 followers to come around (because 500 is halfway to 1,000, and that’s kind of a lot), but I am an impatient person and also… I have nothing else at the moment.

I guess really the best way to share news is to just jump in:

I have a man. All for my own. We’ve been dating (or something similar– those of you who have been around long enough know I have slightly different methods from most people) for six weeks, which is the other reason I decided to share him with you now and not wait for 500 followers. You know back when I said that life had taken an unexpected and fantastic turn? That was him. (And this post was two days before our first “date.” On that day, I was processing things and I didn’t know what to do with myself.)

When you were all guessing what it could have been, only one person hinted that it could  have been a special someone. And she was right. But, being me, I wanted to save the news until I could reveal it on a special day.

So today is special. Yesterday was the third week of our seeing each other every day for at least three hours in the day (is that weird? Are we pathetic?), today my blog reached 401 followers, and today it’s been six weeks of us… together.

I think he’s pretty cute.

But then, I could be prejudiced. Y’know.

I’m not going to say a whole lot about him now, except that he’s wonderful and he has a cool name (no, I’m not going to tell you. You have to wait for that) because it’s more fun to write posts after you’ve asked questions. So if you’ve got questions… or anything else to say, shoot. I might be able to convince him we should do a question and answer vlog together.

He’s a little shy, though. So don’t scare him away. Please.

P.S. In other news, the snow is melting and the rain is back.