One thing I never really talk about on the blog but always strive to do is dress modestly, but I’ve never given modesty a ton of thought until now. Ever since I started dating Mr. Owl, I’ve become… perhaps not more modest, but more aware of the way I dress. There have been outfits– tops, specifically– that seemed just fine but over the day they readjusted and got lower until I didn’t realize that I was showing just a little too much.

And even if I’ve mirror-checked, there are some days when I just don’t account for the fact that things adjust when you sit down or do activities, and might get a wee bit scandalous.

Most people, when you mention the words “dressing modestly” think of things like this. Which is over the top. The stereotype for modest dressing is ankle-length skirts, buttoned-up-to-the-chin tops, and wrist-length sleeves. And, while I am related to people who take those extremes, I think modest dressing could cut a little slack.

I also think that, in some areas, I could be more modest. I have had a few short discussions with Mr. Owl on what I wear– usually when I don’t realize I’m being scandalous (and I use that word with a bit of humor, because my “scandalous” is in no way, shape, or form scandalous to most people)– and while I agree with everything he says, I have realized that I own garments that are either too short or too low or too… problematic to wear.

In short, in the words of Mr. Owl “why don’t you just wear stuff that you don’t have to adjust all the time?”

It’s good advice.

I’d like to know your opinions. To me, if I sit in a skirt and I can’t cross my legs for fear of showing something, it’s too short. I generally want things to hit the knee, or be within an inch or two of my kneecaps. And if I look down at a shirt and I can see cleavage– even if looking straight-on shows nothing– it’s too low or too open.

What do you think is crossing a line? Conversely, what do you think is too extreme?

Also, for those of you who want more modest fashion blogs to read, check out The Daybook, Clothed Much, and Lazy Saturdays. They’re all adorable women with great fashion sense who dress modestly in a way that you don’t look at it and notice. You just think “that outfit is so cute!”

Lastly, because I have some dresses and skirts that I’ve decided to retire– due to the realization that they’re too problematic– I’ll be selling some of my clothes. So in the next month, ish, I’ll be trying to photograph them all, and sell them via a website called Smashion. I will most likely just sell them for the price I got them, plus shipping, so don’t worry… nothing is going to be ridiculously priced.

I feel a little weird telling you to look forward to buying my clothes, but y’know. If you want them, they’ll be up soon.

I hope you all have a beautiful Monday!