Love,  Photography

We should be models.

Note: These pictures are pretty much all better if you click on them to make them bigger.

So, here are the rest of the photos (that turned out) from the day-before-two-months photoshoot!

We might look grown up and mature, but on Saturday night we both dissolved into hysterical, so-much-we-cried laughter that lasted a good ten minutes (or maybe longer) over something that really can’t be explained. Suffice it to say… there were fart jokes involved, and we are both just… y’know… five.

And I figure if a man can make me laugh so much I cry over something that nobody else understands, I’d better keep him. Especially if he’s laughing so much that he’s crying too. And especially when neither of us can stop because we keep making each other laugh again just by giggling.

I always wanted someone to have inside jokes with, and now I have a someone. When we dissolved into hysterical laughter, my mom and brother looked at us like we were both crazy. Which… we might be. But y’know. At least we’re having fun.

I need to start learning how to use his camera and snap some candids of him when he’s not suspecting it, because there are no good-quality pictures of just him from this shoot. Except for the ones where we’re together.

And that picture makes me giggle, because he’s got grass in his mouth like a farm boy. And really, he is a bit of a country-boy, so it fits.

But… *sigh* he’s a very dashing country boy.

I hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday!