Fashion,  Love

Cleaning and stealing.

I cleaned out my closet this morning, and took out all of the clothes I’ll be selling. It’s amazing how many garments were in my closet that I actually just don’t wear. Not because of the modesty issue, but because they’re too big, or they just fit me funny. And I now have a pile of clothes on the back of my vanity chair to wash, style, model, photograph, and put up for sale. It should be a fun project.

But it might take me a while.

There’s also a “maybe” pile, for the few dresses that I absolutely love and really want to somehow modify to make them work. Some of these clothes might take me a while to actually let go of.

But I can always go buy more clothes, so…

This skirt is way fun.

I was going to steal this outfit idea from Kendi, but I was already wearing my sweater and these tights, and I pulled out this skirt and thought… eh… it works. And it still sort of looks like her outfit. But not. Someday in the near future I’ll pull out my yellow cardigan and blue button-up and be closer to what she looks like.

Someday when the weather is warm and I can go without tights.

I’m getting really distracted by Mr. Owl as he plays Donkey Kong on the Wii (I’m being rude and blogging while he’s here) so I’m going to leave the rest of the post wordless. And play Donkey Kong. Or possibly Nintendo. Or whatever it is we’re going to do next.

Although it is kind of fun to just sit here and listen to him talk to the crazy chickens, or say “aw, shucks!”

Fun fact: my sweater and skirt are both Forever 21 items. I only ever buy Forever 21 clothes from the thrift store, it seems.

Fun fact #2: these tights are blue. Even if they look green in these pictures.

Fun fact #3: I forgot detail shots today.

Oh, and also:

I finally stole his camera and took a few pictures.

You’re welcome.

Have a beautiful Wednesday!