Midweek Inspiration: Pattern Clashing!

This week, I didn’t feel like emulating any particular outfit so much as doing a bit of pattern mixing, inspired by this outfit (I want that bunny shirt!) and this outfit in particular. I loved the combo of stripes and florals, but I don’t have stripes and florals that really go together, so I opted for polkadots instead. And this might be a new favorite outfit of mine!

I also love this location– while we didn’t walk yesterday, the beach and the park are a walkable distance from my house, and I’m pretty sure Mr. Owl and I will spend a lot of our time at the beach (in the mud) or exploring the woods in the park.

And you can see in the background, there is a public dock that juts out over the water. It’s just a great place to  be able to access so easily. I’m sure as the summer gets nearer, the park will be invaded by kids (there’s a baseball field) and it won’t be quite as fun and secluded, but still. It’s a wonderful place!

Of course, seeing as it was the beach, I had to take off my shoes.

I did have a good excuse– there were tiny little rocks in my shoes, since the beach is more rock than it is sand. But I can’t keep my shoes on when it’s above 65 degrees and there are trees to walk on. (Seriously. Bare feet and trees are the best thing ever!)

This may be one of my absolute favorite places to shoot, ever. This stump looks amazing, and feels amazing (it’s so smooth!), and is full of pretty glass and shells and colorful rocks, and the ocean is nearby, and… oh, I love it! I can’t wait for summer, when it’s bright and beautiful!

And the wind came up to play with this skirt. It seems that every time I wear a light garment, the wind comes. I’ll never win.

I am sorry there was no tutorial yesterday: I’m not sure how well Tutorial Tuesdays will continue. I love doing tutorials, but I think it’ll be a more… upon-request thing, because I am not quite creative enough to come up with ideas out of thin air, plus I’ve got work and, y’know, Mr. Owl to take up most of my time, and then I have very bad lighting in my new room.

Blogging, as it is, is usually done late at night right before I go to sleep. I’ll be honest: most days, I get off work and immediately see my man, who doesn’t leave until almost bedtime, and then I’ve got an hour to blog before going to sleep… and on the weekends, I’m more likely to sleep in than get up early to blog before I (can you guess?) see Mr. Owl and we go off on adventures.

So if I get requests for tutorials (I do have a few that you lovelies have mentioned that I want to try), I will do my best to post them, otherwise Tuesdays will be… who knows. Outfits, most likely, or random other things.

Last but not least, one of my lovely blog-readers and friends, Sarah, is doing a 30-days of dresses challenge, and I’m going to join her, starting on Saturday! So if you’d like to join in as well, feel free! You can snap a picture of your pretty daily dresses, and then tag me in them on Facebook so that we can all see how lovely you are! And if you only have seven dresses, do seven days of dresses, or fifteen, or forty, or however many dresses you have (or feel like doing).

I’ve currently got about thirty-five dresses, so I will try to do at least thirty days, if not thirty five. It should be fun, and challenging!

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!