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30 Days of Dresses: and I look like a pumpkin.

You can’t really tell in these pictures, but this dress has the tendency to make me look pregnant. That, and the way I stand when someone’s taking a picture of me- I try to be all cool and model-esque, but just end up slouching one shoulder weirdly, jutting my hip to one side, and forgetting to suck in my stomach. It’s not pretty.

Thankfully, about halfway through the shoot, I remember that slouching is not beautiful and I should straighten up.

I think my day two dress of the 30 Days of Dresses challenge is a bit boring. There are no patterns to be seen, and somehow I never quite feel myself without some sort of pattern going on, even if it is a small one. But I do love the color of this dress. Even if it does remind me of Halloween and pumpkins.

I suppose I lied a little when I said that only the best dresses/outfits would make my blog for this challenge- I forgot that until this weekend, I have no backup photos. Not that it matters too much… just, you know. This week’s outfits may or may not be totally horrible and I can’t do anything to hide it.

I have this theory, though, that the appeal of my blog has increased dramatically due to the increased quality photography, because I didn’t start attracting half as many followers until after Mr. Owl started taking my pictures and the quality upped considerably.

I’ve always noticed that if the photograph is a beautiful one, it almost doesn’t matter how ugly someone’s outfit is. There’s some sort of magic in a good picture that just makes everything else shine.

The shoes, that, you may have noticed, I didn’t actually wear. I was too busy climbing a tree barefoot.

Y’know. It’s just what I do.

Obligatory shot of Mr. Owl. I don’t know if you all enjoy seeing pictures of him pop up on the blog, but I do. Obviously. He’s just, you know… swoon-worthy, in my opinion. So when I can actually convince him to hand me the camera and get him to pose a bit, it’s a miracle worth sharing.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!