30 Day Challenges,  Fashion

30 Days of Dresses: For rainy days.

Because of the 30 Days of Dresses challenge, I’ve postponed my usual Midweek Inspiration post. That, and I haven’t been reading blogs as faithfully as I usually do this week, so I didn’t find anything I particularly wanted to reinterpret my own way.

I just realized that when I’m wearing dresses, I tend to style them as though they are skirts. Such as on day one, when I wore a cardigan over the dress so it looked like a skirt, or today (day three), when I folded the top of the dress under so… it basically is a skirt. With a bodice folded down.

I just don’t tend to know quite how to wear dresses normally.

And also: in the past four outfit posts, I’ve mixed patterns three times. I see a trend going here.

But what can I say? I just really love pattern mixing. I feel more “me” when I am wearing patterns, and somehow it’s easier for me to style multiple patterns than it is for me to style a plain dress. Weird, huh? I think it’s weird, anyway.

Can I talk about how much I love these pictures? Because I do. I love this location, I love the umbrella, I love the fogginess of the background… it’s just all very… Jane Eyre-esque, to me. Plus, being out in the rain on a dock over the water in the fog (long sentence, I know) with my  man is just fun for some reason.

Then again, being anywhere with my man is fun.

I also want to talk about that little post I did yesterday about sponsorships: this is new ground for me! I will admit I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but it’s a good learning experience. I know my rates are very cheap, but I think since I am just starting out, it’s okay. I doubt that I will ever raise them too horribly much, since I am a budget fashion blogger and then there’s just that part of me that feels bad if I think the rate is too high by  my standards.

It will be difficult at first, I think, because I don’t want to be too picky with who I accept and who I don’t, but on the other hand I want the ads on my blog to represent me– my style, my budget, my modesty, etc. Of course, I will never be able to find a company that sells clothing for as little as I generally buy them, but I wouldn’t accept sponsorship from a company that sold, like… a pair of shoes for $500.

Posting the sponsorship post and creating the page made me realize that I desperately need to update my sidebar, because those follow links are way too pale. And I haven’t really updated the look of my blog in a very long time.

And also, I need to get on styling and photographing those clothes I’m going to sell off. So far, I’ve gotten… one… done.

Yeah, I know. I’m so far.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! The week is halfway over!