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30 Days of Dresses: Color Clashing

While Mr. Owl was taking these pictures of me at the park, a lady with a dog came up and said “want a dog in your pictures? She’s real photogenic!” at which moment… the dog started to take a dump in the grass.

It was lovely.

And then the lady stood there and watched us for a few minutes. It was the first instance where we’ve had someone just stand there and stare while we were taking pictures. So awkward. So very, very awkward. Especially with the dog in the background… doing its business without a care as to who was watching.

Oh, dogs.

I have discovered that I love to stand on things for photoshoots… and I hate sitting down. I never know what to do with myself when I’m sitting, except to cross my ankles and fold my hands in my lap and pretend to be a lady like my mother taught me.

When I’m standing on things, on the other hand, I can move and pose and dance… and nearly fall off… y’know. Fun things! Although, I am not a graceful dancer (I’m not a dancer at all) so dance moves caught on camera aren’t exactly flattering to my image.

I think I may have to toss these shoes, which makes me so sad. but there are seams on the inside of either shoe right at the widest part of my foot that are completely separating… and there’s nothing I can do about it. Which reaffirms my statement the other day that I should really go buy new shoes. Mine are all wearing out.

I didn’t realize until about halfway through the day yesterday that everything I was wearing– including the accessories– with exception of my shoes… was given to me. The dress, the jacket, the belt, the ring… all gifted.

So, y’know. Hooray for almost entirely free outfits!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! I can’t believe the week is nearly over already.

*if you’re really dying to know, the dress was from Romy.