30 Day Challenges

30×30: Day five

This is what happens when Mr. Owl doesn’t have his camera and I happen to actually have a few minutes to take my own outfit pictures with my mom’s camera. I’m not too fond of how low-quality these are, seeing as how Mr. Owl has a fancy camera and I’m spoiled by his pictures now, but I really liked this outfit so… oh well.

I wore two outfits on this day. The first one is here. That skirt is going to be retired, because it is a scandalous skirt. Meaning, it likes to ride up whenever I sit down, and stay there when I stand up, and it’s one of those white skirts that is just a little too sheer to be safe.

Ah, the joys of finding out which clothes you should never wear to work again…

{Romy} Dress (gift) {Thrifted} Shirt: $4.99 {Target} Shoes (old) {Icing} Earrings: $4

And speaking of work, I should probably leave. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!