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30×30 Day 14: Contrast

On Friday, Mr. Owl and I went to a Vicci Martinez concert. I actually had no idea who she was, but apparently she came in third on the show The Voice, and I was very impressed by her talent. Seriously, if she came in third, I want to know who won first. She’s quite good!

But we weren’t really there to see her– we were there for the opening band, Perry Acker, who grew up across the street from Mr. Owl, and one of whom is Mr. Owl’s (other) best friend. It was very fun, although also very loud (why, oh why, do they have to have the speakers so darn loud?), and by the end of the night my ears were throbbing and my heels were sore from standing all evening.


The highlight of the evening had to be the homeless man who singled Mr. Owl and me out as we stood in line waiting to get in. He struck up a conversation, asking us all sorts of questions like “Are you going to marry this girl? Is he a good man? What do you do for a living? Will your job keep you off the streets?” and then he said something about a plan to New York that segued into a bit about not getting in the doghouse… and sprinkled in the middle was a nice little talk about how he must not be a fake man (Mr. Owl) because fake men don’t have beautiful eyes.

I had to agree with that one. The part about Mr. Owl having beautiful eyes, I mean. (And, of course, not being fake.)

And then, as expected, he ended it all with the line “well, since you are such a nice, nice man, can I ask you for some help?” and told us all about his problems. (He only had one eye and one arm, diabetes, and no upper teeth.) I had to give him credit for trying, and I was tempted to give him something even if it was just some change… but Mr. Owl pointed out later that he had been suspicious because the man was far into that “personal bubble” space, and yet he didn’t smell, and he looked pretty clean.

I don’t know much about homeless people, and I don’t actually like being too skeptical because I know there are real people out there who genuinely need the help… but if someone is living on and sleeping on the streets, wouldn’t they be kind of… not clean? Unless, as my friend pointed out, they cleaned up in a shelter or are recently homeless.

I sort of wish all homeless people were like that old man, though. I’ve had a homeless man sneak up behind me and my friend and scare the crap out of me on purpose (with a good old-fashioned “boo!” uttered in a deep, raspy, seriously creepy voice), so I’m not too fond of people on the streets who insert themselves into my bubble. But if they’re friendly, at least it can be an interesting (and laugh-worthy) experience.

And, as a side note, I don’t mind giving out change if I have some in my pocket. Really, I have a change jar at home that I forget about, so I might as well give it to someone who (hopefully) needs it.

I don’t know how this post got to be about homeless people.

Oh, well.

{Thrifted} Skirt: $4.99 |  Belt $2.99 | Shoes: $5.99 {J.C. Penney} Shirt: $6.08 {Romy} Cami: $8
{Total}  $28.05

 Have you ever had a weird experience with someone who is homeless? Or even a random funny experience with a stranger? Tell me about it!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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