July Goals

Emily over at What Emily Did Next writes monthly posts about goals she’s met and new goals she’s setting, and since I’m a total thief– but mostly because I have no outfit for you today, the reason for which I’ll tell you…eventually– I’m going to sort of steal her idea and write out my own monthly goals.

1. Lose 5 pounds. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned on the blog, although I definitely have on Facebook, that Mr. Owl and I weigh the same, give or take a pound.  And it’s been this way since we started dating. But seeing as how he and I have both gained about ten pounds since then (which is good for him, and not so good for me), I decided in the last week of June that starting July 1st, I’d begin to journey to a healthier lifestyle, and to reach my ultimate goal of 140-145 pounds. I think it’s a healthy weight for me, and I really want to build better eating and exercise habits to carry with me for the rest of my life.

2. With the first goal in mind, take a long brisk walk on a weekday basis. I am the worst person ever at exercise. Eventually, I’d like to work into doing the couch to 5k program, but for some reason, it’s incredibly difficult for me to jog outdoors. I don’t know if that has to do with the non-flat surface of the roads (ups and downs KILL me) or my being allergic to everything everywhere, but I’ve tried the easiest phase of the 5k program and I just can’t do it outdoors. I have no gym to go to here, so instead, I’ll be walking around my neighborhood, which should be quite nice as there are several different roads I can take, and I’ll have a nice varied walking schedule.

3. Again, with the first goal in mind: eat breakfast, and generally always take more fruits and veggies than other courses in my meals. I am a firm believer that eating breakfast has a huge impact on how you eat the rest of the day, and also a big helper in losing weight. I know that whenever I actually eat a filling breakfast, I tend to lose weight as I don’t get super hungry for the other two main meals of my day, and then I don’t overeat or snack too much.

4. Post better blog content.  There are still days for me when I just post because I feel like I need to post something, but when I’m not that happy with the pictures. So my blogging schedule might become a little more lax, but I’m hoping to start finding more creative locations, styling myself better (aka that retro styling I was talking about), and making the blog a lot prettier. 😉

Side note: I remade the header, sidebar greeting, and sidebar follow buttons a little while ago. I personally love it all as it is more simple and cohesive in color– or lack of color. (I’ve noticed I’m very drawn to black and white blog layouts). What do you think?

5. Reorganize and seasonalize my closet. I’d been talking about seasonalizing my closet for a while, but I haven’t gone through it yet to separate my warm-weather clothes from my cold weather clothes. And I still haven’t decided on what colors I’d like to base each season around in order to make my purchase choices and entire closet more cohesive each season. So I’d like to get that done this month.

That’s all I can think of right now. I think five goals– even if the first three are sort of the same– is a good and doable amount.

What are your goals for this month?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and happy Fourth of July to my American readers!


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I would like to note, for those of you who are ready to jump in and tell me I don’t need to lose weight: I know that the size I am right now is not a terrible one. I’m not very self-conscious about my weight. I don’t think I’m fat, or unattractive, or anything like that. But I am very stubborn, and I am also of the opinion that losing weight isn’t a bad thing. My body is nice the way it is now, but it could be better. I could be healthier. 

Mostly, I’d like to be very fit now, so that in the future when I have kids, there’s room to gain weight and still be healthy. Also, I’d like to be able to go on mountain hikes with my friends and not have to stop every ten minutes because I’m gasping for breath.

Besides, the doctor ordered me a while ago to exercise for the benefit of strengthening my heart, so I figure it’s about time I followed his orders.