Revelations and Introductions

Quite a few of you new readers probably don’t know that Mara is not my real name. I have been blogging and posting on the internet as Mara since I was sixteen– spurred by my old username and elf name, Maranwe Telrunya– and the fact that when I started up online, I was young and the internet seemed like a scary place. I decided quite a while ago that when I publish my writing, I would like to use the pseudonym Mara Bjornsson (the last name is a very old spelling of my real last name) because I never thought my real name was very author-y.

But lately, along with revealing more and more of my life on the blog, and becoming more relaxed with posting, and out of the desire to really be “me” around here and not feel like my real life and what I post on the blog are two separate things, I’ve had the desire to use my real name (first name, anyway) and fully merge real life with blog life. Because, no matter how honest I try to be when I post, I still feel like using a pseudonym somewhat separates my blog life with my real life.

I don’t know if it’s odd to you all that I have never revealed my real name on the internet, or if it makes you feel as though I have been playing fake all along. If the latter is the case, I’m so sorry! I have felt lately a little like I’ve been lying to you all, especially as I get to know you better. But let me reassure you, nothing I ever post here is anything but me! I may use discretion for the sake of others, or pull back from posting incredibly personal things because I still think there are some things in life that should be kept off the internet, but everything I post is a part of me.

And as I get more involved in the community of bloggers around me, I feel as though I want to be wholly me online, and not just one side of me.

So, here’s to second introductions. I hope you all will forgive me for my secrecy all this time.

But, before I tell you my name, I would really like to know: what would you have imagined it was, had you known (or if you already know) that my name was not really Mara?

Have a guess? Well, keep it in mind, and tell me in the comments.

And, let me introduce myself (again.) My name is Kristina. I have been writing since I was seven, and someday I hope to publish what I write. I never imagined I would become a fashion blogger, but I absolutely love it. I certainly never expected this blog to gather as many wonderful followers and friends as it has, and I hope that you all will stick around and get to know me and let me get to know you!

 {Thrifted} Heels: $12.99 | Cardigan: $2 | Belt: $0.99
{Forever 21} Shirt: $17.80
{Target} Skirt: $5.38
{C/O Mess of a Dreamer Designs} Earrings
{Total}: $39.16

If you have any questions whatsoever, you can comment, email me (, or ask on formspring.

And, I know a few of you (ahem, Picco) want to know Mr. Owl’s real name, but he’d rather I kept that a secret for now. So we’ll just keep calling him Hunky McGorgeous. It’s fitting.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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