Owls on parade

This was one of those days where I felt extremely lazy when I woke up, and I wanted to wear my new red pants. So I didn’t shower, I wore the makeup I’d slept in, and put on some red lipstick and a hat in hopes nobody would notice how lazy I had been. I think it worked.

And this is one of those outfits that I rarely post, for two reasons: one, it doesn’t quite fit my preferred aesthetic of retro/1940’s at all, and two, it shows off my hips, which I am not fond of. Don’t get me wrong, in person I feel just fine wearing skinny jeans, but on camera… it’s a totally different thing.

But I have decided not to care as much. It goes along with my musings the other day about sharing more and being more… me on the blog. This is me. I have very curvaceous thighs and a belly pooch and I am not evenly proportioned at all. Oh, well. It’s who I am, and having a fiance who has pronounced that he would prefer I either stayed the same or didn’t lose too much weight has vastly improved my confidence.

Of course, I am always going to feel a little insecure posting outfits of myself in jeans, that’s just the way it goes. I don’t know all of you, and with the plethora of tall, thin, fit, beautiful girls out there blogging, I don’t really fit in. But because of Mr. Owl, I’ve come to realize that the features about my body I have always seen as flaws– my butt and thighs and belly– aren’t really flaws at all in the eyes of the most important person in my life.

So, here it is. The lazy outfit, the less-flattering outfit, the outfit that hides very little.

{Thrifted} Cardigan:   $5.99
{Target} Jeans: $16.08
{Fred Meyer} Tee: $6.99 | Boots: $29
{Stolen from Mr. Owl} Hat: Free. 😉

But I also want to say: those girls who seem so perfect on their uber-popular fashion blogs, who we sort of look at and say “They’re beautiful, yeah, but unrealistic. I want to see real bodies/real shapes/real girls…” they’re real too. They have real bodies that they have worked hard for, or insecurities that they deal with every day, too,  and I know that I have been guilty of forgetting that. I think we all tend to judge what is real by how imperfect it is, and we forget that just because a girl is beautiful and tall and fit doesn’t mean she’s not real, or she doesn’t have imperfections, or she is never insecure.

I know I didn’t say that half as well as I hoped, but I hope you all get the idea I am trying to convey. I have to go get ready for work and I’m only half-awake as it is. But I want to know: what do you think? Do you unintentionally judge the “perfect” fashion blogger because she doesn’t visually have imperfections in your eyes? Do you ever post pictures of yourself that you are insecure about?

I hope you all have a lovely Friday! It’s almost the weekend!


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