Instagram Updates


As you probably know by now, I recently got Instagram. I’m a little bit addicted. And nerdily excited, becuase now I can be one of those cool bloggers who does weekly instagram posts! Yay!

Also, it makes my life look way cooler than it actually is. Which is always good. ūüėČ

This week, I:
1,2,3: apparently have a new affinity for tights– especially the patterned kind– leaves, and those brown shoes.
4: tested my wedding makeup, hair, and necklace. I’m in love with this necklace.
5: will be carrying a bouquet with these flowers in 56 days.
6: Watched the love of my life display one of his many talents
7: wore some really fun glittery gold eyeliner ($3, Elf brand, Target… if anyone wanted to know)
8: Wore my upside-down owl.
9: Mixed patterns like a boss, yo.

.. found these AMAZING mushrooms in the forest. I looked them up earlier, and I found out that they’re edible… but now I can’t remember what they were and I can’t find the website that said so. SO… I’m just gonna call them Mario Mushrooms, because they remind me of Mario. Yes, I play too much of that game.

… went to a pumpkin patch and corn maze. It was super!

And also, I NEED this owl Christmas stocking. Stat! If you want to follow me on instagram, I am owleccentric.

Tell me, what did you do this week?

I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday! Happy almost weekend!



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