Since the time change means it’s dark by the time I see Mr. Owl, I decided today to take pictures into my own hands. Because I have these new shoes and this new dress that aren’t even really new any more that I haven’t even worn on the blog.

Getting engaged really messes with taking outfit pictures, I tell ya. All that wedding planning. Gosh. I miss blogging regularly.

So these pictures are nowhere near the loveliness that Mr. Owl’s are, and it has been FOREVER since I’ve taken my own pictures so I’m totally out of sync with the camera… and also, an essential piece of my tripod is missing– namely, the piece that holds the camera onto the tripod– so I had to use a stool.

This dress’s hem is a testament to the fact that I do not like ironing. One of these days I’ll fix that line and iron it flat, but for now… I’m too lazy. I’m going to be a terrible housewife, you guys.


I feel a little bit like ketchup and mustard in these tights and these shoes. I was going for “fall,” but “condiment” isn’t a bad second. Seeing as how I usually spill on myself anyway. At least it’ll all blend in, right?

This belt makes me feel like Wonder Woman. I’m not sure why; she doesn’t wear a red belt. Perhaps because it echoes her headband?

These shoes were my first purchase from Modcloth, and I absolutely adore them. I wore them five days in a row (not even kidding) when I first got them, because 1. they’re red, and 2. they are SO comfortable. I can wear them all day walking and not die. Best shoes ever.

And now I have become a Modcloth junkie. I haven’t bought much else other than a dress for my rehearsal dinner, but I browse the site regularly and drool over all the pretty things.

Thrifted: Belt, $0.50
Bridgetown Vintage: Dress, $12.00
Modcloth: Wedges, $39.99
Target: Tights, $5

I don’t really know what I’m doing with my face. This is what happens when I don’t have Mr. Owl to tell me to behave.

I hope you all have a lovely Monday!

Now if you’ll excuse me, Batman Returns is on, and my love for Tim Burton bids me watch it.


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