Grays Harbor Lighthouse

On Saturday, I surprised my husband with some donuts and coffee for breakfast– we woke up around seven am and laid in bed for a while, and then I told him to stay in bed until I got back and I journeyed off to the store while he lay there wondering where the heck I’d gone– and then I asked if he wanted to come away with me. I’d been considering surprising him with an adventure all week but I didn’t decide to actually do it until that morning.

So we went off to Westport, where the tallest lighthouse in Washington can be found. My family has gone to Grays Harbor –which is about five minutes away– quite a bit for camping in the summer, but I  never knew there was a lighthouse! It was SO fun.

We paid $5 each to go in and climb all 135 steps to the top. It really wasn’t as long of a climb as it sounds, I think because we stopped at every landing to take pictures and look down. And somehow it looked much further looking up than it did looking down!

Up and down
I was incredibly excited to get to go all the way up into the room with the lighthouse lens; at first we didn’t think we would get to go up, but lo and behold when we got to the landing at the top, the guide came down from the lens room and told us to come on up! He explained all the workings of the lighthouse; where the mechanism was made (Paris), who invented the lens, how it all worked, etc. It was super interesting!

We also went to the Maritime museum… which wasn’t as interesting as I had hoped it would be, but it was still fun! They had petrified pig dung. Oh yeah, so cool. (Just kidding, it was gross. Although the 10 year old boy at the museum thought it was pretty  hilarious.) And they had some GORGEOUS hats and purses that I wish I could have taken pictures of, but the museum didn’t allow photography.
PicMonkey Collage

I totally want to start taking more day trips– or weekend trips– to find other lighthouses and museums and such, because I really loved exploring and the history of these places is so cool. I’ve been really inspired by Tieka (of Selective Potential) lately and her exploration of Michigan. I think I need to do more exploring of my own home state. I bet there are super interesting places here!


Dress, coat, purse, and belt: thrifted
Heels and  sunglasses (gift): Modcloth
Tights: Kohl’s

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Happy Monday!


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