The Eighties Called…

You guys (er… girls…) I have a problem.


See, I bought this dress to sell. I picked it off the rack at a thrift store because it looked absolutely crazy on the hanger and I had to try it on (I do that a lot), and then discovered that the shoulder-pads, stretchy fabric, and pockets– not to mention the houndstooth pattern– were totally awesome, plus it’s vintage, and I thought maybe I could list it in my soon-to-be-opened vintage shop. But then I took it home, styled it with these tights and this belt and these shoes, and fell in love.

And I never, ever thought I would admit falling in love with an 1980’s shoulder-padded button-back dress. Ever. But here we are.


And then, as I was finishing up my photo session for the shop, my husband walked through the door, looked at me in the dress, laughed, and said skeptically “Isn’t that a little… eighties…?”


I don’t think even the very fitted skirt of this dress can entice him to like it. And I am totally, unashamedly a girl who will dress for her man. Well… up to the point where he wants me to look like a hippie. I love him, but I’m just not a hippie-style kind of girl.

Anyway. That’s my conundrum. Sell the dress like I’d originally planned — and I already have one friend who wants me to sell it so she can buy it– or keep it because it is unusual and funky and edgy, and possibly feel slightly out-of-place wearing it because my husband is skeptical of its awesomeness.


Weigh in for me. Sell, or keep?


And take into account that I might possibly never get the courage to wear it anywhere if I were to keep it. It’s not my usual silhouette or length or neckline or ANYTHING. Which is why I should probably sell it even though I love how different it is.


Vintage: Dress
Thrifted: Heels, belt
Kohl’s: Tights
1980’s: awesomeness

Also, I have another question you might help me with: what is the fashion community/website where they decide once a month on a certain trend to wear, and bloggers submit their outfits? Such as, the challenge/trend is lace, so everyone submits an outfit post with lace. For the life of me, I can’t remember what it’s called and I SO want to start participating in that again. But I can’t find it. Help?

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! Happy Wednesday!


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