Flowers in the Forest


This post could more correctly be titled “The thrift junkie and her wardrobe.” I didn’t realize until I went down to name where everything came from that everything I’m wearing (except for the wedding ring, obviously) is thrifted. And who would have guessed? I mean, the only tell is the fact that there are two missing buttons on the dress I haven’t replaced yet.

Shh. Don’t tell. I’m really terrible about replacing buttons when I have safety pins.

I also don’t hem or iron. Worst. Housewife. Ever.


I didn’t realize how much of a staple this jean jacked would be when I got it. I didn’t consider myself a jean-jacket kind of girl, but I have been wearing it at least twice a week, if not more. It goes with everything. I had no idea I’d love it this much.IMG_1026

This dress happens to be one of my very favorites, and I got it for two bucks. I might love it so much because the floral print reminds me of the easter dress my mom made me when I was five… but we’ll just pretend I really love it because it’s pretty. Which is also true.

This dress also goes with everything. Or every season. I can wear it sans jackets in the summer, with a cardi in the spring, and with tights and a sweater in the fall and winter. It’s the best! I’ve been looking for more like it at thrift stores,  but so far, no luck. Maybe I can make a pattern for it and make myself a few more. IMG_1032

My birthday is on Saturday. I’m so excited to see what the husband is going to do! He keeps hinting at his plans, but not telling me anything that I can figure out. I only know that it’s going to be an adventure of some kind. IMG_1039 IMG_1041IMG_1035

I can’t wait, though. It’s weird thinking about the fact that I’ll be 25. That sounds like such a turning-point age to me. Like I will have to be more adult, or something extraordinary is going to happen. Maybe while I’m 25 we’ll finally save up enough money to go to Ireland. Maybe I’ll finish that book I’m working on (oh yes, again…) and try to get it published. Maybe I’ll have a baby. Who knows? I just like the sound of 25, and I think I’ll start writing up a list of things I want to do before I’m 26.IMG_1031IMG_0998

Thrifted: Dress, heels, belt, jacket

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

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