Coral owls and new blonde hair


I think summer has come and totally kicked the drizzle of spring out. Super early. It’s supposed to get up into the seventies-eighties this week and stay there well into the weekend. I’m so excited! I LOVE the warm weather, even if it means our upstairs is a total heat box at night, and during the day I just stare out the window at work and wish I could go out and play.


I still really, really, really love the blonde hair. Given, it’s only been five days since I got it dyed, but I just love it more every day!

A few tips, for anyone thinking of going blonde: if you have super dark hair naturally, like I do, allot yourself LOTS of time to get your hair bleached within an inch of its life, be prepared for some burning and itching (mine only burned for the last five minutes), and don’t be alarmed at seeing your hair all yellow (banana yellow) after it’s been bleached and before it’s re-colored.

And if you have any darkened color in your hair, like I did, prepare to be there even longer. Or think about growing it out to where you can chop it off before going in! Fake color is super hard to get out. My hair took a total of six hours to remove enough color and then re-color it to a good blonde. My stylist said it was “hair surgery.” Which is very apt.

And most of all… do NOT try it at home unless you don’t care whether your hair will be canary-colored. Seriously. Also, you could damage your hair. I’ve had too many friends try to blond-ify their hair and have it turn out badly. One’s hair turned green.


And don’t forget to adjust your makeup, as I said in my last post!

Have any of you ever done a super drastic hair color change? What did you learn? Did you ever disastrously color your hair? I think once I’m tired of blonde, which might not be for a long while, I’m going to go red before I dye it back to my natural color.IMG_1338

Other than dyeing my hair, life has been pretty routine. I’ll be working full-time for almost two weeks while my coworker is gone on vacation to Hawaii (so lucky!), so that will be a challenge… to keep the house clean and my husband fed.

I’m notoriously  messy and terribly lazy when it comes to working full days and then having a house to clean up and food to cook. Do you all have any suggestions for healthy and easy breakfast/lunch/dinner ideas?

IMG_1342  PicMonkey CollageIMG_1348IMG_1336

Target: Shirt, skirt, sandals, necklace(similar).

I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful Tuesday!

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