Polka dots and perfect red skirts

Have you ever done that thing where you publish a post and then go back a few hours later and decide you really don’t like it? Yeah, I just did that. I had another post up, but I just… really didn’t like the pictures or the post. So it’s gone. Is that weird? 


I have been looking for a red skirt to add to my wardrobe for AGES. I cannot tell you how many red skirts I’ve tried on in the last few months in search of that perfect one; so many of them were too short, too straight, just fit wonky, or didn’t fit at all. Or were nice, but too expensive for my little budget.

But a week or two ago, I went to Goodwill and I saw this one there. I tried it on, liked it, but decided to leave it there because it was $5 and the waist was just a tad bit too tight. Not that $5 for a skirt is too much, just too much when the fit isn’t quite as good as I wanted and isn’t as easy to fix. (If it had been too large, I could totally have taken it in. But it’s hard to make things bigger.)IMG_1539

But then we went back to Goodwill on Saturday, and this skirt was still there. I grabbed a few other (crappy) red skirts to try on as well, and when I tried this one on again, I tossed all of the others and decided…. what the heck, I can endure a slightly-too-tight waistline for an otherwise perfect $5 skirt.

Imagine when I discovered that it was on the tag sale, and was $2.50 instead!

Totally sold. IMG_1540

So on Mother’s day, I endured a slightly-too-tight waistline on the otherwise perfect skirt while we stuffed ourselves with Cornish Game Hens, mashed potatoes (my favorite), and grilled asparagus… and I regretted just slightly that I’d bought the skirt with the tight waistline.

But only for a moment. Because otherwise, this skirt is just perfect. It even has pockets!IMG_1547

And there you see what I do when I have no idea what pose to do.

Okay, I actually was in the middle of stretching to put my  hands on my head, and then I thought that was a bad idea so I went to put them down and he caught me before I got my arms where they should have been.IMG_1550

Does anyone else ever struggle with being photographed vs working with a tripod and selftimer? I have found that even though it makes getting certain shots more difficult, I prefer using my tripod to being photographed. Nothing against my husband, because as you can see he’s an excellent photographer, but I know the timing of the camera. I know when it’s going to go off, where to set it for the best angle, and what to tell it to do to get the shots I want.

My husband, however, doesn’t beep faster and faster right before he’s about to take the picture, and I never know what shot he’s going for next.

And I’m not a good communicator in this area, so I often forget to tell him what I want… and basically… I’ll admit: I’m a total control freak when it comes to pictures and I’m a really, really  bad collaborator. I want what I want, but I don’t know how to tell you what I want. And I also don’t take direction very well. Or suggestions.IMG_1556IMG_1570IMG_1562

I wish I still lived close to this location. This is the beach by my parents’ house, and it’s beautiful. Stinky, mushy, full of sand fleas and pooping geese, but still beautiful. I LOVE the water. I hope one day when we buy a house of our own, it’s somehow close to the water while still having enough property to wander… with a creek.

A girl can dream, right?IMG_1578


Fred Meyer: Top
Thrifted: Skirt, belt, heels, brooch
From the yard: Daisies in my hair

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


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