Rain, gingham, and sweater tights


Just when we all thought that spring – the sunshiny, flowers-are-blooming, warm-and-golden days we all want forever- was here to stay, the week turned rainy. But that’s Washington for you. The weather is a jerk. It gets you all excited for better days, and then dumps rain like nobody’s business.

On the bright side, that’s why everything here is so green…


And on the other bright side, that means I can legitimately pose with an umbrella. Am I the only one who doesn’t like using props unless they’re actually practical for the outfit? Maybe that’s why I have never been a purse person, because to me I only need one. And you don’t really need to see it with every outfit.


I thought I was done wearing tights for the year. But that’s okay, these ones are really comfortable and sweater-y. Perfect for a rainy day!

I’ve been trying lately to shop my closet more. Ever since I cleaned and organized my clothes and realized I have 55 dresses and only wear about 6 of them regularly, I’ve decided to go through and wear the dresses one by one in an effort to style them all in the next few months. Not consecutively, because I love skirts too, but y’know. I think it’s time to start shopping my closet more!


I’m really looking forward to this weekend; we’re going camping with my family up at Kalaloch. I went last year as well, and it was amazing! It’s this great campground up on a kind of cliff above a beach, where you can actually gather and burn driftwood (that’s prohibited most places here), and climb among ginormous logs on the beach, and walk beneath the roots of trees, and cross rivers on logs. It’s pretty amazing. I’m so excited!

It’ll be our first camping trip as a married couple, though, and I have NO idea what to buy for food. Other than, you know, hot dogs and ingredients for s’mores. And bacon. Can’t go anywhere without bacon.


Do any of you have exciting weekend plans? I’m also really excited because our office is closed Monday for memorial day. So I basically get a four day weekend. I SO need the extra day off after two weeks of fulltime work!

I feel like such a wimp saying that. I really admire all of you who work full time AND take care of a house. Or even just work full time. It’s hard. IMG_1647

Target: Dress (similar)
Nordstrom Rack: Tights
Thrifted: Shirt (similar), brooch, shoes

I hope you are all having a great week so far!


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