Having a moment together right after the ceremony, reveling in the fact that we’re married.IMG_2926

My absolutely beautiful maid of honor in the headband I made for her to wear. Gosh, she’s a natural beauty, isn’t she? (No makeup, this girl.)IMG_2930

The wedding cake. I made the toppers, my aunt made the cake. It was SO perfect I can’t even tell you. I loved it. IMG_2246

I’ve never met a fluffy dress I didn’t twirl.IMG_2278

Bonus of getting married in the winter: you get to wear really cute tights.IMG_3378-Edit

Just a few random shots from my wedding that I love, because I didn’t get to do a six-month post as I was sick. Six months! It feels like forever since we got married, yet again like it was just yesterday. I just can’t get over how perfect the day was. Nothing went wrong.

I’ve been to several weddings since mine, and I keep thinking “Oh, if only I’d done that at my wedding…” but then when I look back through the pictures, I am just reminded that it really was the perfect day. The only thing that I would have loved to do was impossible in December (get married outside), and there was no way I was going to wait almost a year to marry my love. But everything else? Perfect.

I LOVED the cake. I loved the bouquets. I loved my dress. I loved the lights and lanterns we strung across the church. I loved the music. And, of course, I loved marrying my best friend, who just happens to be the most amazingly handsome man I’ve ever met.


Anyway. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far! Happy Saturday!


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