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White Eyelet and Red Snakeskin


I have to confess: I took this belt off within five minutes of getting to work. It’s one of the sad things of being pregnant; lots of my favorite skirts and belts don’t fit so well any more. But that just gives me leave to buy MORE skirts and belts that DO fit! It’s also made me wear dresses a lot more, because there’s more stomach room in most of my dresses, and the waists aren’t usually as snug. We’ll see how long that lasts.  IMG_2038

I have also been trying to wear the lightest (as in, coolest) clothes possible, and the least amount of layers I can get away with, because being pregnant makes you hot. I’m telling you. That was one of the very first signs of pregnancy for me: hot flashes. I never, ever got hot flashes before I was pregnant, and right in the very beginning, when I was just starting to suspect I might be pregnant, I’d go through these waves of heat and wonder what the heck was going on.


And another great sign that I was pregnant, of course, was the whole over-emotional thing. Which has recently kicked up a notch. Seriously, I sob when I’m too tired, I tear up when I’m watching movies that I love (The Hobbit!) even if it’s not a sad part, and I definitely cried every time someone died in Les Miserables. And when Fantine sings I Dreamed a Dream. And when they sing anything else emotionally compelling. Which, when you’re pregnant, is every. single. song. IMG_2045

Kristina asked on my reveal post how I told Mr. Owl, and I warn you right now: it wasn’t an exciting or cutesy story.

The Saturday before Mother’s Day, we had discussed maybe trying to start having kids. We both felt like it was just getting to the right time, and we know that by the time I will need to quit work, he’ll be making enough at his job to pay all the bills. Of course, we also figured we’d have to wait a week and we’d have time to think it over before we started trying, because my period was supposed to start that day, but hadn’t yet.

Sunday rolls around, and no period. My brother-in-law, whose wife had just given birth, jokingly asked if we were pregnant yet, and I laughed and said no. I mean, there was no way yet, right? We’d just talked about starting to try, but it was just impossible.

Monday rolls around, and still no period, and then I start to wonder. I’m never late, but I still figured maybe it was just a weird cycle since, you know, bodies do that. Still, I start considering the fact that something else might be going on.

Tuesday rolls around, and I tentatively mention, during conversation, that nothing has happened yet like it should have, and I could be pregnant (insert shrug/laugh here.) Mr. Owl shakes his head and says it’s probably nothing. But we both know by then that it probably is something.

Come Wednesday, Mr. Owl decides I should get a pregnancy test, while I’m still wavering on the whole “I could just be fantastically late… right?” theory. But I go along with it, and we get a pregnancy test that night. IMG_2047

And the very first thing I do when we get home is the whole pee on a stick and then wait three minutes of torture to see whether or not it thinks I’m pregnant. Well, I was supposed to wait three minutes, but the two pink positive lines showed up faintly almost immediately, so I knew even though I held onto my state of denial and left it in the bathroom, set my timer for 3 minutes, and told Mr. Owl he wasn’t allowed to go in until I saw what the stick said.

I then ran upstairs, forced myself to change into comfortable clothes slowly, and wandered back downstairs, trying not to smile or cry or do anything that might give it away. And when my timer went off, I ran into the bathroom and saw… well, you know.

I had always wanted to surprise him when I found out I was pregnant, but being a person who cannot keep her own secrets worth beans from her husband, there was no way he would have been surprised by then. Instead, I opted for “possiblly gross him out” by bringing the pregnancy test out and showing it to him and weakly saying “I’m pregnant!”

He didn’t want to touch the test and made me put it away from him. And then we hugged, and were both in shock, and I kept looking at him hoping to see excitement or crying or something, but he’s generally not an expressively emotional person, so his display of excitement wasn’t quite as profuse as I had expected. Which I should have known. IMG_2050

But still, he was excited and I was in shock even though I had basically known and denied I was pregnant since Tuesday, and it wasn’t until he went to take a shower and I went back upstairs that it completely hit me and I just sat down and almost cried. IMG_2052

I wish I had a better story than that (aka, a “surprise, honey, I’m pregnant!”), and I had planned months ago to buy his favorite children’s book and write something hinting at my pregnancy inside, but that all flew out the window as soon as I started to entertain the idea that I might be pregnant.

The great thing, to me, is how perfect the timing was with us deciding we wanted to get pregnant and then four days later finding out we already were. God knew we needed to talk about it before we found out, that’s for sure!


Romy: Dress
Modcloth:  Wedges
Thrifted: Scarf, belt

It’s funny how nothing in life goes as you had imagined it would.

Do any of you mommies have fun first-pregnancy reveal stories? Tell me! I want to know! (Or please, tell me I am not the only one who couldn’t bear to even keep her suspicions a secret and completely ruin the chance of surprising him with the news…)

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, and a very happy Fourth of July, in case I don’t post tomorrow!


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