The Key to My Heart


I have the key to my heart around my neck
and I’ve worn red,
so you know who I am.2 4

I want to fall in love today;
the sky is grey and chilly,
but it wouldn’t matter… 

… if only you found me…6

Our love would be breathless;
A melody not unlike the stars’ dazzling song-
Full of untold wonders that can only be felt,

not heard. 7

And you are like the sand;11

Which grain are you, and
when will the sea bring you to me?12 The key to my heart hangs around my neck,
and I’ve worn red, so you know who I am. 10

Dress, thrifted.
Headband (necklace): Forever 21
I Want To Fall in Love Today” Original poetry by yours truly.

Sometimes, a girl just has to get dressed up in a princess dress and prance around in a field (yard). The downside to these pictures: at the end, I was covered in tree bark and moss, itchy from grass allergies, and sweating like a pig. And let me tell you, it is NOT easy to take a picture of yourself sitting in a tree with a self-timed camera.

But it was worth it.

I hope you are all having a beautiful Wednesday!


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