This shirt. I mean. Seriously. It’s just perfect. I originally chose it from Oasap because my husband liked it and I’m bad with decisions, what being pregnant and all, but when it arrived, I fell in love! The print is adorable, and the edges are so delicately scalloped, and it’s the perfect light material for summer. I can’t wait to wear it more!

IMG_2400 I got all adventurous while photographing this outfit, and decided to use the brick wall at a local school.

Yes, that is adventurous for me. Me, who until recently never took pictures outside of her property. Y’know. I met the janitor, who asked if I was getting good pictures.

It’s surprising to me that so far, I haven’t been approached with anyone curious to know why I’m taking pictures of myself. People have only asked whether I’m getting good ones, have been impressed that I take them myself, and have asked whether I’m a photographer. Which is fine with me, I feel awkward explaining it’s for a fashion blog.

IMG_2404 Speaking of photography, though, I WILL be able to say yes, I am a photographer. I started up that Facebook Page for Storybook Photography, and I have plenty of volunteer models to help me get started and get a little portfolio going! I’m so excited to get started. My first shoot is on Thursday. It’s going to be so much fun to figure out how everything will work (what works and what doesn’t…), and practice getting more interesting shots than I take of myself.

IMG_2417IMG_2420 IMG_2424 Also, this necklace: is it not the coolest collar necklace thing you ever did see? Thrifted, yo. (Don’t know why I’m going all gangsta on you. It happens…) I needed it the minute I saw it. So in love.

IMG_2408 Vintage: Skirt, available in my shop!
C/O Oasap: Sea Horse Scallop Shirt
Thrifted: Necklace, belt
Target: Heels

By the way, if any of you ladies are pregnant/have been pregnant and know good places to find cute, retro-inspired (and affordable) maternity swimsuits, please let me know! I’m looking for a two-piece tankini-like swimsuit, because let me tell you: one pieces and my hips are not friends. So far, I haven’t found anything better than this one from Kohl’s.

I really want a red one.

Have a beautiful Tuesday!


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