Pink Hawaiian


So I have been borrowing from my shop closet recently because… well, it’s all pretty stuff, to be honest, and I might be getting a little bored with my regular closet. There’s a real danger in doing this, though, because everything I wear from the shop I end up wanting to keep!

This dress, for instance, is the perfect color of pink on me. And it’s got flowers on it which we should all know I love (65% of my dresses are florals. Seriously.), and it’s vintage, and it’s got a twirly skirt. The only thing that could cinch it would be a) if it were a tad smaller (it’s a bit too busty on me), and b) if it had pockets.


Do any of you ever have that problem? Wearing shop items and then considering keeping them? But I have determined that I really don’t need ANOTHER floral dress, and I know someone else would be very happy with it.


I took these pictures at my grandma’s church; have I ever mentioned that one reason why I previously took pictures in my driveway is that, unless I’m going on an adventure, it’s really hard to find interesting places to take pictures in the country? But slowly I’m discovering little nooks here and there that provide different scenery than, you know, the field that is my yard.


But it felt awkward, because cars drive by here frequently enough to gather some stares (and a honk), and there’s this house right across the street with windows open facing the church… and they were home… so they were probably wondering what I was doing.

Although, going by the man who approached me at the school in my last post, they probably assume I’m a photographer and not a narcissist. So that’s good.

1011 12My husband calls these my hooker shoes. And the nail polish is hooker polish, Apparently bright weird nail colors and tall heels are only for hookers. 😉 (But really, it’s just a joke.) So, fitting I shot at a church, right?

Ah… yes.


Dress: Vintage, available in my shop!
Belt: thrifted
Heels and nail polish: obtained from a hooker Forever 21
Earrings:  Target

So somehow, I keep forgetting to share really important things about life. Like the fact that on Friday, I heard baby Owl’s heartbeat for the first time (it made my mom cry). It was so exciting! Apparently I’m very healthy, not at risk for gestational diabetes– which my mom had with all four of her kids– all of my levels are good, and it’s just fine that I haven’t gained any weight yet. (Wasn’t worried about that anyway; I have many friends who have freaked out about not gaining weight in the first trimester only to gain it later.)

I have passed the whole queasy-all-afternoon phase, but now if I get overtired (aka, less than six hours of sleep at night), I throw up in the morning. Which is actually okay. Better than being sick all day; as soon as my stomach expels its contents, I feel just fine.

And also, today I got some VERY exciting news that I can hardly wait to share with you! But I’ll have to, because I want it to be a surprise.

I’l admit, though, I was so excited I was dancing and singing in my car on the way home from work. Seriously.

I hope you are all having a beautiful Wednesday!


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