And I only cried once!

Today has not been my day.

I’d like to pause the regular posting of outfits and happiness to just let you all know: bloggers have bad days, too! To wit:
I threw up this morning.
I almost got hit on the way to work.
I felt like throwing up the entire time I was AT work.
A rock hit my windshield and chipped it on the way from work.
I went to the dentist.
I need a root canal.

I tend to post happy things on my blog because… well, it’s a joy to blog, and I am generally a happy person. But today has royally sucked, and I’m not afraid to say so. So I thought I’d share some things that make me smile, just in case anyone else out there is having a bad day too.

1. Pomplamoose. Anything Pomplamoose. But this song, in particular:

… and this:

2. Garfield. Always.

3. This dress from Modcloth. I NEED it. Yes. That bad.

4. Cat Heaven. (Can I please, please, PLEASE go there?)

5. Owls. Duh.

And, obviously, this:

Your turn. What makes you smile today?

I hope you are all having a MUCH better Wednesday than I am! At least I can now go back to bed, snuggle with my husband, and eat pizza.



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