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The 70’s called: they think I’m fabulous.


I have a confession to make: I was absolutely terrified to wear this in public. Don’t get me wrong: I ADORE this dress (kimono, caftain, 1970’s “At Home Wear” from Sears (that’s what the tag says) whatever it is) and I  have no issues swanning around in it at home. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’ll be my go-to wear when I’m pregnant enough to feel like a whale. It’s going to fit me the entire way through.

But in public? I mean… how many women under 70 do you see wearing a garment like this? Ever? 2

In Washington, that number is approximately… like… one. Me. It took all I had not to change before Mr. Owl and I went to the Sunday family gathering. I’m glad I wore it, though. The husband is a little bit skeptical about it (and let’s just say it’s because he doesn’t like maxi dresses), but nobody asked why I was dressed like crazy, so that’s good!4

I think this is the first time I’ve ever done a “brave” fashion thing. People I know call me brave for always wearing dresses and skirts, but that’s not bravery. That’s my comfort level. I get incredibly self-conscious wearing jeans or shorts, I can’t even tell you. I don’t know how to style them and I never have. But dresses and skirts? So easy to wear.

Except for this gorgeous dress, because it is so far out there even my mom didn’t comment that she’d worn something like this when she was my age. I got told by my loving husband that this is what his 90 year old aunt used to wear.

To which I retorted, “well, then she had awesome style.”5 68 9

I think wearing it out and about may have won him over in the end, though, or at least his comments weren’t meant to be discouraging, because after a while he admitted it looked fine.

But this is my brave fashion choice. A 1970’s (or even possibly 60’s: does anyone know what the “At Home Wear” tag might date to? I’ll take a picture of it on instagram (@owleccentric) and you can tell me if you know) caftain that will fit me through my entire pregnancy. I’m in love with it.

Also, I think the more pregnant I get, the crazier my fashion tastes are becoming. So this could get interesting!3

Vintage: dress
Target: Sandals
Icing: Earrings

What about you? Have you ever chosen to wear something against what your significant other (or family) says, just because you love it? What’s the bravest fashion choice you’ve made? And how did it turn out?

I hope you all have a glorious Monday!


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