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The Tougher Days

1 Today was one of those days where I would really have loved to stay in bed and play Banana Kong all day. I don’t mean to say pregnancy is a terrible thing; don’t get that wrong. I love being pregnant, if not so much for the symptoms then for the knowledge that I’m going to have a child. I love this baby belly that’s growing and growing by the hour (it seems!). I love finding new confidence in what I’m wearing, and wearing whatever I want because I can totally tell people “Hey, I’m pregnant, I can do what I want!”

I love this new sensation of a baby moving under my skin (I THINK I feel it, anyway!)

But pregnancy is hard. Today was hard. Mr. Owl and I have discussed possibly having me work until December since now I need a bunch of dental work (pregnancy sucks away your calcium) and we’re saving up to pay the midwife, and today… it overwhelmed me. I was in the work bathroom on my knees feeling like I’d throw up for the second time today, exhausted, and crying because sometimes I don’t feel like I can take it. I’m not strong enough to work and be pregnant. I don’t know how some women do it!

3  If I have to, I will. But you know. Some days, life is a lot to take.

I feel like I don’t have grounds to complain, though, because I live an incredibly blessed life. I’m married to a loving, hardworking, heartthrob of a man who adores me (and this baby we’re having), I live in a lovely house with power and food (and a really comfy bed), I have parents, siblings, and in-laws who are amazing, my husband and I have money enough to pay bills and buy small trinkets on the side, and really… having to work for four more months shouldn’t seem that bad. 4

I’ll just have to keep remembering that it’s temporary. That God will provide, and maybe I won’t have to work as long as we think I will. Maybe my vintage shop will take off, or my photography venture. Maybe the blog will attract more sponsors who will help me stay home. Maybe I’ll find work I can do from our house. Who knows what will happen!

Today, though, as soon as this blog is done I won’t lie: I’m going to lay on the couch (or in bed) and play Banana Kong, because that game is addicting! (Sounds ridiculous, I know, but seriously: I love it. Must be grown from my love of Donkey Kong.)
(P.S. I find it totally weird that I don’t look pregnant at ALL in the above picture!)7  In other news, can you believe how long my hair is getting? I washed it last night, and this is what it looks like brushed, slept on wet, and not brushed in the morning. Generally if I air-dry it all the way it’s completely straight, but I dig the wavy thing sleeping on it does! I can’t wait until it’s waist-length. Then, I’ll get myself some pointy ears and a flowy dress, and pretend to be an elf. 8 9  The view looking down: actually, I think the camera sees more than I do. My toes are quickly going to become rarely-seen friends. It’s getting harder to bend over. This belly of mine (hellooooo baby!) is expanding so fast now that I’m officially 4 months along! I love it!5

Vintage: Dress
Target: Heels
Forever 21: Necklace
Thrifted: Belt

I hope you all have a beautiful Thursday!


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