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Couch Pants


This is my very first pair of maternity pants. And, while I absolutely love them (no buttons!), I have also determined that I probably won’t be buying very many actual maternity garments.



Well. For one, maternity clothes are expensive from actual maternity stores, and mostly ugly or frumpy from thrift stores. For two, why should pregnant women only have the option of  small, medium, or large pants? Do we get more uniform in shape when we’re pregnant? (Answer: no. If anything, we get even more unique and need more specific sizing!) And for three, maternity clothing style seems to be so… tired motherish. Most of the maternity sections in stores are disappointingly small, and contain clothes of boring colors and somewhat dated (as in… no offense, but my mom would wear that (I love you mom!)) patterns. Motherhood is the only maternity store I’ve been to that had some fun prints, but even then there were only one or two garments I liked.


So I will continue to make stretchy dresses, long shirts, and retro styles work for me as long as I can. And wish that I lived in the UK so I could shop from New Look’s amazingly cute maternity section.  (I want this. And this. So badly.) (EDIT: I just discovered THEY DO!!! We’re about to get some cute maternity here.)

But also, maternity clothes are weird. Especially these pants. I mean:


It’s like they’re giving you a preview as to what it will be like when you don’t have a belly button. The comfort of these maternity pants is wonderful, but I do have to wear longer shirts than normal, which is difficult. I don’t have a lot of tops as it is, and the ones I do I’ve never had to worry about length because I’ve always worn them with skirts.

I sense a massive shopping trip is going to have to be made in the very near future.


So, I’m really excited that my guest post yesterday on Selective Potential (I can’t wait to see the other guest posts!) introduced a few more Washington bloggers to my knowledge, and I have been thinking about making a Washington-blogger link-up page. I absolutely love reading local fashion/lifestyle blogs, and I have started to make a little list in my daily reads (Marlen, Elizabeth, and Becca are some favorites), but I’d LOVE to know if you’re a Washington blogger, and what your blog is! Look for that page to go up in the near future(read: maybe tomorrow, maybe a few weeks).

I’m also excited to just find more blogs to read in general! I’ve been working on visiting every blog from the comments yesterday, and it’s lovely to “meet” more bloggers via reading their blogs and seeing all of the beautiful and diverse styles of the blogger universe!

8 10

One of my brother’s friends said these pants have the exact same pattern as a couch his parents had when he was a kid. So now all I can think is that they’re couch pants. Which fits, you know, since they’re comfortable and I can be totally lazy in them. But it makes me laugh!


Pants: Motherhood (bought on sale, no longer available)
Top: The Jean Girl
Heels and belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Target

I have started to get so much rounder in the belly lately! I love it! Although, the baby has decided to settle right on top of my bladder, which makes it difficult to sit for long periods of time. And it also means I have a lot of emergency bathroom trips. Ah, the joys of pregnancy! Haha!

I do love it, though. I think all of the morning sickness and exhaustion-induced throwing up has started to pass, and I’m able to enjoy things a lot more!

I hope you are all having an absolutely beautiful Wednesday!


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