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4This weekend, one of my best friends got married in Colorado Springs. I met her back when I was 17 and my dad had a job which moved us around the country, and we lived in New Mexico for nine months. She and I pretty much immediately hit it off right away over an impromptu session of singing Phantom of the Opera, and since then have been the best of friends. I could not be more thrilled for her! I used to reassure her that yes, one day she would get married. It was a great satisfaction to watch her do so, and say “I told you so!”

16 She was a beautiful bride! Looking at this picture just makes me tear up; through all of the years we’ve known each other, it has never mattered that we live four or five states away from each other; we have always just been sisters at heart. Time and distance don’t change that. It thrills me that after eight years, lots of conversations with her about marriage, dating, waiting for the right guy, and her resignation she might not get married, and seeing a few hard breakups, she found a wonderful  man to spend the rest of her life with! I have really high standards when it comes to approving guys for my best friends, and this one’s a keeper! I’m so happy for her!


I definitely cried watching her walk up the aisle on her dad’s arm. Not going to lie; this was probably my most emotional wedding attendance ever! She and her now-husband paid for our plane tickets, as we’re saving up for a baby and wouldn’t have been able to afford it; I cannot thank them enough! Because of his giving heart (and hers, too, but it was his offer!), I got to be involved in getting her ready for the big day just as she got to be there for mine, and just as we had always hoped I would.

1 Of course, no big trip goes by without some sort of adventure, and getting on the plane to go to Colorado turned out to be a near disaster. We actually had to run to catch the plane before the gate closed, and arrived breathless and thinking we’d missed it just as they were closing the gate. Thankfully, they saw us running, quickly took our tickets, and notified the plane that there were two more passengers to board. Apparently, they had just taken our names off the list as no-shows.

Lesson: always account for traffic in the morning around Seattle. I’m so not used to that!

PicMonkey Collage I love weddings. Not only for seeing two totally-in-love people getting married, and wonderful relationships moving into the awesome state of married life, but also because then Mr. Owl has a reason to really get spiffy. And I might have swooned a little.

1112 13 It was such a wonderful weekend, even if it was very quick and incredibly busy.

Looking through the pictures I took of her wedding makes me remember my own, and I couldn’t help but re-watch the video of my own wedding.

It was done by Rainy Parade Films (Vimeo/Facebook), who does AMAZING videos, and whom I have known since he was… oh… maybe ten or so? I think he captured our day perfectly!

6 JC Penny Dress | Target Necklace and Heels | Payless Clutch

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too!

Happy Monday!


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