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Do you ever have those days where you have all the pictures, but nothing to say?

This is one of those days.


I think I might be a reincarnation of my mom’s highschool era.

Collage 27
Oh wait: I do have something to say. I love this cat. You’ve probably all seen pictures of him on my Instagram, because he is obsessed with our house and attempts almost daily to come inside. Apparently he used to live here, and now he lives across the lawn in the other house on this property. I adore him. He is always purring and meowing loudly, he’s cuddly, he loves to be held, and he’s just generally really cute.

I cannot WAIT until the husband and I have a house that allows indoor cats so we can get an indoor/outdoor cat to love on. But for now, this one does just fine. (And speaking of cats, this is really adorable.)

5 9

I found this purse at the thrift store for $2. It’s leather, and has a vintage tag, and I love it. I thought it might be too small to be anything other than an evening bag, but it actually does fit my wallet, keys, glasses, and phone really well. And I love that it opens from the top, and the color is gorgeous. I might need to put this one into use more often!PicMonkey Collage 12

You guys would not believe how many mushrooms there are in our yard right now. Seriously, we have a mushroom forest. Some of them are as big as my face, and some of them are teeny tiny. It’s like a fairy land in the little stand of trees in our yard. I love it!


Vintage dress (similar) and bag (similar) | Thrifted belt (similar) | JC Penney Arizona Colt Motorcycle Boots

Well, today my goal is to get the downstairs of our house nice and clean, because it’s become a disaster lately (oh, the dishes!) and it needs to be done. Even though I basically just feel like being lazy and watching Netflix all day.

The dangers of working from home, you guys. It’s a wonder I even get dressed. (I didn’t yesterday.)

I hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday!


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