Saturday Sillies

Since I didn’t post much this week (I admit: I’ve been really lazy lately), I thought I’d share some outtakes from the last few months. Ever since Jessi posted outtakes of herself, I thought it was really fun (and funny), so I have a little store of photos to share with you all. Here are the things you don’t know about me.


I am not one of those blessed graceful hair-flippers. At all. That shot? It was on purpose. Didn’t quite turn out as glamorously as I had hoped.

Faces 1

And when I’m not getting the shot I want, I make a lot of faces.


Faces 2

A LOT of faces.



17 16

And if I’m ever anywhere low to the ground, along comes the neighbor’s cat. I love him. But he’s not helpful when I’m supposed to be a dead Snow White.


I get surprised that I can actually balance things on my head. Not so surprised the pose didn’t work out, though.


Leaves… don’t always participate.

13 11

And sometimes posing with them just gets awkward.


I can be a creeper, even while pregnant.


Lots of outtakes are me saying “what?” because I wasn’t listening to my husband’s directions.


Or doing this because he told me to pose.


Did I mention the faces thing?IMG_4117


I’m sexy and you know it. (HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Now that you know why I laugh when people tell me I’m elegant. Yeah. Those people don’t know the real me at all.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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