The great indoors

1  It’s been incredibly rainy for the past few days, so I gave in and decided to do an indoor shoot. But, since our house is tiny and the only good lighting is in the upstairs hallway — which is itty bitty– I can’t really get great pictures. Oh, well! I like this outfit too much to not share it! 6 I thrifted the shirt and the skirt — which you’ll know if you follow my Instagram (@owleccentric) — the first time I’ve gotten to go to Goodwill in what seems like forever! I haven’t thrifted any skirts in a very long time, since pregnancy prevented me from wearing most of them anyway.  8

This headband was sent to me by a dear friend who has just started a beautiful Etsy shop, and I’m SO behind in posting it! She makes gorgeous custom headbands as well as lots of other fun stuff, and I have quite a few little items she sent me in a gift package that are so delightful. I have to get around to photographing them to share!

But she creates custom headpieces, so if you’re looking to find a beautiful one like this, look no further! I adore this headpiece so much! It’s really sturdy, and the ribbon she used is a nice one that grips just slightly so there’s no slipping around when you tie it on! 11 13 Now you can see how beautiful my legs are after pregnancy. All of those scars are from PUPPS, which didn’t actually show up as a rash until AFTER I had Asa; for those of you that don’t know what PUPPS is, it’s basically hormones going crazy and making your whole body itch, and it usually happens to first-time moms of boys.

But hey, I got through pregnancy with no stretch marks and only two pounds of personal weight gain, so I am totally okay with suffering that instead. The scars will fade and go away once summer comes and I get a bit of a tan, and it’s not like I don’t already have a bunch of marks on my legs from general escapades of summer (like, you know, climbing trees, destroying blackberry bushes, general clumsiness…).2

Thrifted blouse and vintage skirt | Kohl’s heels | Headband c/o House to Home by J&S

I hope you all had a good weekend! I’m going to work on getting my own little shop open soon; I have a stock of vintage – mostly 70’s-90’s skirts – that I need to photograph and post, but I haven’t quite figured out a nice way to do that yet, what with our house being so small and having only one space with good lighting.

Any suggestions on photographing items to sell? I’ve already gotten some advice from those of you who think it’s best to photograph the item on its own, but have one example outfit picture. Now I just need to figure out what looks best for photographing the item on its own!

So many things to do. But I don’t mind! I love doing that sort of thing.

Happy Monday!


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