By the sea

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We took Asa out for his first walk in his stroller ever, and had to snap pictures down by the water where my parents live. I absolutely love the location; they are close to a woodland park that also has a large field nearby, and it’s close to an inlet with a nice, curvy road that is perfect for long walks! I would love to live close to this area. It’s so beautiful!

2 Of course, since my husband took the pictures, I had to make a face. I really need to have him snap my photos regularly; they always look better, and then I’ll get more comfortable posing for him. I always feel awkward because I’m never sure when he’s going to snap a picture, and more often than not he gets me blinking, making a face, or talking. Oops! I need to learn to pose more and talk less, haha!4 7

I absolutely LOVE this skirt! I found it at Goodwill, and it is a testament to why I always look through every size; the skirt says it’s a size 2, but because it’s flared, it fits me just fine. Plus, I think it’s a slightly large size 2. That, or I’m just stubborn enough to get the waist zipped. Although I do have a smallish waist.

I don’t know if this styling is particularly exactly “me” — I’m not a jean-jacket person– but I think the outfit is cute anyway! And it was perfect for the weather– just warm enough to keep me from being chilled by the breeze, and just cool enough that I didn’t get too hot while walking. 5 8 I have been thinking about starting a postpartum workout of sorts; I’m not a workout person, but my stomach strength is kind of gone now, and I think it’d be good to try doing a few little exercises to keep fit. It’s funny… I always feel a little reluctant to talk about fitness and weight loss on the blog, because I’m in this weird place where I am quite okay with the body I have — even with the post-baby changes — yet I do still have fitness goals I’d like to reach.

I can’t exactly say I want to lose the baby weight, because I’m one pound over what I was before the baby, but I would like to weigh less than my husband! That’s been a goal of mine for a while, which was put on hold because I got pregnant. Plus, I’d like to shrink the belly I did gain back to what it was. And not even that was perfect; I’ve always had a belly pooch, and I don’t want to lose it entirely! But I gained about two inches around my stomach (and lost an inch on my hips, yay!) and I’d like to get that worked away. 10 Mostly, though, I just want to be healthy and fit enough to go on summer hikes without getting tired. I’d like to be fit enough to eventually set a good example for my kids when they’re old enough to understand. And I need to get back to a stricter Paleo regimen! I’ve been pretty lax in what I’ve been eating, and Asa and I are both suffering for it. Me more than him, thankfully, but still.

I’ve noticed he’s much more constipated and gassy when I eat wheat, dairy, or legumes (legumes especially make him cranky!), and lately I’ve had absolutely no self control when there’s a candy bar around. Hello, king-sized Cookies and Cream bars… sigh. I love them, but I can’t control myself in portion sizes with chocolate, and I end up eating the entire thing in one quick sitting. I’ve always had that problem. Eating Paleo helps my cravings and portion control immensely, though. I noticed that while I was strictly Paleo, I didn’t have as much of a problem stopping myself with chocolate as I do when I’m not eating strictly Paleo.13 14 15

So my goal this week is to keep as much sugar, grains, legumes, and dairy (that last one is easy) as I can from my diet, and pick up a few easy at-home exercises to do on a regular basis (such as situps or crunches, pushups, walks, yoga, etc). I want to be a healthy mama! 9

Thrifted skirt, belt, jacket, and tee | JC Penney boots | Modcloth headband | Target tights | sunglasses c/o Oasap

I hope you are all having a good start to your week! Asa and I were up a lot last night; thankfully he wasn’t fussy, just very awake and making lots of noises that kept me awake listening to make sure he was okay. Ah, mom life. Oh well! I’d rather have an awake happy baby in the middle of the night (because then I get his smiles and coos) than an awake fussy baby!

Happy Monday!

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