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My Week on Instagram

I upload so many pictures and videos of Asa to Instagram, so I think it’s about time I start doing these posts regularly! It’s fun to recap his weekly progress; he gets so much more responsive each week, and I love it! I’ve decided to upload my Insta-videos to an unlisted Youtube playlist for those of you that don’t have Instagram, so that I can share them here as well (it’s the only way I could figure out how to share the instavideos on my blog), so if you’re interested in seeing more of Asa, click here to get to the playlist!

Asa loves baths.

Collage 1

Happy bathed baby | My camera roll after trying to get a good makeup shot | all of the cousins on my side lined up littlest to biggest! | Yay for white sweaters babies can have blowout diapers in!

Learning how to eat his hands, and punching himself in the face instead.

7The day when I realized Asa is basically just my husband’s mini-me. Seriously. Who’s yo daddy? Obvious.

Chubby much?

Collage 3

Yes. Most of my Instagram is now Asa. He had to take over somewhere, and I vowed to never make him my profile picture on Facebook. So. You know.


Hangin’ with daddy, being stripey.

A wee little sleep giggle! He laughs in his sleep a lot.

Collage 2The face he makes when he sees me and realizes he wants something. | Reading Asa Dr. Seuss – he already loves it! | More makeup selfie shots.  | Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed…

He’s not talking to me. He’s declaring his love for my (pink floral) iPhone case. 9 You just try resisting the urge to kiss him. I mean, seriously.

He thinks the view of me upside-down is pretty great.


Today. Sleeping. Owl hat. Chubby cheeks. Fingers. Love. He is now 15lbs. Think he can double his birth weight by his two-month birthday in six days?

Happy weekend!

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