10 things you (possibly) don’t know about me!

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Becca over at Ladyface Blog just posted a 10 Things post, and I had to do one. Secretly, because I have no outfit to share today. So! Here are a few things you may not know about me (unless you’ve known me for a very long time!)

1. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was 16. Apparently, when I was little I was obsessed with looking good, so my mom wanted to squelch that and make sure I didn’t grow up incredibly vain. Subsequently, when I finally got to wear makeup and had a makeover-themed 16th birthday party, I didn’t like the way mascara and eyeliner looked on me. I still prefer natural looks to lots of shadow or lipstick!

2. I didn’t cut my hair, dye my hair, or pierce my ears until I was 16, either.

3. There’s a 15″ difference between my hip and waist measurements, so my sizing is all over the place — I wear size 12 jeans, size 4 dresses, sometimes size 2 skirts (if the cut is full) and anywhere from an extra small to large tops, depending on the cut and brand or store. Which is why I always want to emphasize to every woman– the numbers do not matter. Because I am healthy despite what the BMI calculator thinks. Now more than ever, I am so happy with my body and I definitely feel like a hot mama!

4. I was a morning person until I got married, and then I went through a phase of finding it super hard to get up… and now I’m going back to being a morning person. It’s really weird.

5. The total cost of my wedding stayed within our budget of $2,000 — that includes photographer, videographer, dress, desserts served, decorations, invitations, and everything! I picked my own wedding flowers, and probably the most expensive thing — aside from the dress and photographer — was the plethora of white paper lanterns we hung from the ceiling.

6. My husband is the only man I’ve ever dated. (Not the only one I could have dated, I just chose to wait for the right guy.) He and I have only officially known each other for two years and three months. (I knew who his family was, vaguely, for a few years, but never spoke to him in person until he introduced himself five days before our first date.) I knew I was in love with him three weeks after we started dating; we knew we were going to get married about a month after dating, got engaged after eight months of knowing each other, and married four months after that. And then had a baby a year and a month after we got married. When you know, you know!

7. I sing and write/play music (old video!), when I have a piano and time. I even started writing a musical once (also old; forgive the mistakes! I’m pretty sure some of that was made up as I was recording it). I really need to finish it someday.

8. I also write fiction. Well, I used to, and I haven’t written for about two years. In addition to about fifty bazillion stories started, I finished a (very long historical drama romance) novel about four years ago, and I still need to edit it. I hope someday to publish at least one book.

9. I have a box full of handwritten love letters to my husband that I wrote long before I ever knew him.

10. I was homeschooled, and I loved it. No, I did not ever do my schoolwork in my pajamas, to my knowledge, and yes, I did have friends and a social life. Haha!

What are ten facts about you? I’d love to know you better! Tell me in the comments, or write your own post and link me to it!

Happy Friday!

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