325 So can we pretend I am now a superhero mom? And can we also talk about how difficult it is to get a good jumping photo by yourself?

Yesterday I was trying and trying to style this shirt with a skirt, but somehow none of my skirts just quite felt right. And I hadn’t planned to take outfit pictures once I threw on the jeans, but then I decided to match my makeup to my shirt, and ended up really loving the way it looked! So even though this outfit is super basic (I mean, how much easier can it get than boots, jeans, and a tee?), I think it’s fun.


Lately my style philosophy has been something @somethingborrowedvtg said on Instagram– wear fun clothes.

Seriously, I think that’s the best style advice to ever give, and the best style mantra to have. If you love it and it makes you happy, wear it! I definitely have a style niche that attracts me the most (vintage/retro) but sometimes jeans and a tee can make me just as happy and be just as fun as a crazy vintage dress or a super twirly skirt. So I’m going to focus less on fitting into that “look” and more on wearing what makes me smile the most. 11 24 I always feel like it’s not so much the clothing as it is the attitude of the person wearing it, and the more fun someone is having wearing something, the more I like it. I mean, given that it’s semi-fashionable anyway, ha! But seriously, the more fun you’re having in something, the more likely other people will like it too, I think. 19 2322

I really want to get back to posting makeup looks, especially after having lots of fun with this one! I just have to find a good place to photograph them. My mom’s house has wood panel walls, so I’m not too sure about the background. Time to figure out an easy backdrop!16

Target tee | Motherhood jeans | JC Penney boots | Sunglasses c/o Oasap

I hope you all have a super day!

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