Red | www.eccentricowl.comI have been wanting red hair for a really, really long time, but whenever I pass the dye in the store, I get spooked; the last time I dyed my hair red, it wasn’t what I had hoped for, and it wasn’t flattering to my skin. I have pinkish skin, and certain reds just bring that out. But this time… I did my research, I spent a bit more money, and oh. my. goodness. I am so in love!

It’s actually a better color than I had expected; dyeing the hair, it looked pretty orange, but I know by now never to trust what the dye looks like. Following a few different tutorials online, I processed my hair twice. The first time, it was a very subtle auburn, only a bit lighter and redder than my natural color, but not very vibrant. I was a little bit disappointed and my hopes fell, because I wasn’t sure the second process would lighten and brighten it as much as I wanted. But I slept on it, and made up my mind not to be defeated until I actually saw the second process. Red | www.eccentricowl.comI left the color in ten minutes longer the second time. And when I rinsed it… glory! I could tell even while it was wet that it was going to be exactly (or better than) what I had hoped for!

You guys… I think I’ll stay red for a while. Red | www.eccentricowl.comRed | www.eccentricowl.comRed |

I just can’t get over it. I have mermaid hair! I can cosplay style Amy from Doctor Who! It’s such a big change from what I had expected… I can’t wait to play around with it. Red |

Dress c/o Pink Blush Maternity | Heels, Target | Belt, thrifted

I’m sorry this isn’t much of an outfit; I finished my hair this morning and totally got dressed up just to show it off, so… um… yes. I’ve got two posts with brown hair to use, still, and then we will get on to redhead style.

If any of you are interested, I might write a post on dyeing dark hair red at home — I did this myself (I think I said), and I didn’t have to pre-bleach it. Which is a plus! So let me know if you want a post, and I’ll write it up!

Happy Wednesday!

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