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Baby life: bath time

Baby Life: Bathtime | www.eccentricowl.comBaby Life: Bathtime | Baby Life: Bathtime | A few snapshots of one of Asa’s favorite activities. Someone wet through his diaper all the way up to his chin this morning, so a bath was in order.

Recently, I have found myself deliberating over whether I want to share certain pictures of him online. There is nothing inherently offensive or wrong with sharing baby rolls and baby butts, and I have no issue with other moms sharing their adorable kids running free in their birthday suits, at all. But I had a picture (an adorable one) of him anticipating the bath, from the back, and I even had it uploaded in this post… and I found myself wondering whether I really wanted to share. Whether he would really appreciate it when he was fifteen. Whether I really want strangers to be able to search and find my kid’s butt on the internet, however innocent it may be. Baby Life: Bathtime | Baby Life: Bathtime | It’s crazy how motherhood changes as it goes; when he was an itty bitty baby, I didn’t care as much. But now that he’s getting bigger and close to walking, I feel as though the days of bare-tush-sharing are over. Perhaps because he’s becoming his own little person, growing in independence, and I can see the little boy he’s going to be in a few years. Perhaps because he just seems so big to me; too big to be considered a baby any more.

Baby Life: Bathtime |

But, I will always treasure those roly-poly pictures in my personal photo albums, because I know they won’t last forever. This boy is already growing out of his chubbyness, into a full-fledged boy. His arms don’t have creases any more; his legs are fast following. What was an expanse of squish with three rolls is now down to just one. Thank goodness he still has those cheeks, or I might cry over the loss of all his beautiful baby fat.

Also, the above picture might be my  new favorite.

Happy Wednesday!


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