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Shirt (chosen by me) provided free of charge from SammyDress in return for opinions.

I don’t know, guys. It’s rainy and dark and entirely Washington-stereotypical today, and really not great light but I like this outfit and I had to photograph it anyway.

This shirt is from SammyDress, and I think it has more pros than the polka dot skirt did. Actually, the only con I can think of is that it’s too short for my figure, which is the case with most tee shirts; I don’t have a particularly long torso, but my shape tends to shorten things due to, you know, curviness and hips and all that, so this tee hits just below my belly but then rides up. But it’s that really nice soft fabric (not cotton) that stretches just a little, and it’s a comfortable addition to my breastfeeding wardrobe. And, I just noticed, the colors/print are not as bright and crisp as they look on the picture. Otherwise, it is as described!

I chose it because it has an Alice in Wonderland scene on it, and I’m partial to literature on clothes.

Fashion literature |

As the year slowly comes to an end, I’m starting to think more about what I want to do with my blog next year, and how that is shaping up some goals. In particular, reading! I occasionally do book reviews entwined with inspired-by-the-cover outfits, and I really want to do that more with the blog because, you know, I like reading, I like fashion, and I love combining the two. So my goal is to read 52 books next year, and blog about all of them. Good, bad, and ugly.

I already have two that I bought from Goodwill, both inadvertently having something to do with Jane Austen, and I found a list of books you should read before you die according to librarians, so those are going in my queue (if I haven’t already read them) and then there’s the ever-growing list on Goodreads that I always forget about. But if you have recommendations, let me know! I might choose books for covers, guys. Just warning you.

Fashion literature | Fashion literature |

And, that’s about it for today. Rainy, cloudy days generally make me want to curl up with lots and lots of coffee and waste time watching YouTube shows (currently hooked on My Drunk Kitchen — she is HILARIOUS), browsing Netflix, or reading a book. But since I’m trying to save up my books for next year, I mostly just watch YouTube.

Fashion literature |

Shirt provided free of charge via SammyDress – $6.62 | skirt, belt, and heels, thrifted | tights and cardigan, Target

Mostly, though, I am looking forward to later today when my husband is voluntarily taking me thrifting and to Joanns. Guys, I have so many projects to sew right now but I need to make a Star Wars circle skirt!!! So we might have to buy some more nerdy fabric (more, because I currently have TARDIS fabric waiting to be made into a skirt).

What happy plans do you have?

Happy weekend!


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