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Retro Photographer's Guide to Dressing | www.eccentricowl.comRetro Photographer's Guide to Dressing |

As you know, my husband and I are photographers. This weekend we have our first wedding of the year, and I was brainstorming for a long time what I should wear as a photographer while also wanting to keep my personal style in it. The regular old black-pants-and-shirt just didn’t appeal to me, and I think representing myself as a brand for this blog as well as a brand for our photographer is an important thing to get. So how does one put together a retro photographer outfit?

Easy! This Lindybop fit-and-flare button up dress is absolutely the perfect retro photographer dress. It has pockets — a must for carrying lists on my phone, lens caps, lenses, and all the other odds and ends I’m constantly using throughout the day — a flared knee length skirt that is easy to move in and won’t flip up or be embarrassingly short at any time through the day, a higher neckline that won’t budge as I bend and move (don’t want to flash anyone at a wedding, thanks!), and the perfect little details to its classic navy-and-white design that keep it from being too boring.

Retro Photographer's Guide to Dressing |

The one caveat is for those of you who have muscular arms, as I do, you may not be able to raise your hands any further than your shoulders. Which isn’t a problem for me, as my husband and I work in-tandem and he’ll be doing most of the work. But, it’s stretchy, so I’m sure in time it will settle and fit me just right.

Retro Photographer's Guide to Dressing |  Retro Photographer's Guide to Dressing |

To complete the look I actually purchased a vintage camera pin that is in the same style as these adorable glasses, and I plan to wear my most comfortable wedges instead of stiletto heels for practicality’s sake. Retro photographer outfit achieved! I’m so, so pleased with this and my two other Lindybop dresses that I’ve acquired in the last month! While the fit is a little varied, they all zip and button and I’m quite happy with the quality!

Retro Photographer's Guide to Dressing | www.eccentricowl.comRetro Photographer's Guide to Dressing |

I am so looking forward to this weekend and the wedding! Wedding photography is one of my favorite things to shoot — along with newborns — and I am excited to capture this very special day for our couple! We will have to orchestrate things a bit as I’ll be bringing Evie with me (approved by the bride, of course!) but hopefully she will be happy with grandma as I snap away! Retro Photographer's Guide to Dressing | www.eccentricowl.comRetro Photographer's Guide to Dressing |

To change subject a bit, I am hoping to cut my hair soon! I’ve had long mermaid hair for about as long as I can stand, and it’s just too heavy and not layered enough to hold the retro hairstyles I really want to master. So, armed with a few inspiration pictures (hello, Miss Victory Violet!) and my newfound knowledge of what cuts to get for a retro hairstyle, I’ll be going in for a much-needed cut and layer. And then hopeully re-dye my hair to its previous fuchsia color, and I’ll feel like a quirky retro housewife again!

Retro Photographer's Guide to Dressing |

Dress, Lindybop Dorothy | shoes, belt, brooch, and scarf, thrifted

I hope you are all having a beautiful week! How do you infuse your work outfits with your own personal style? Any other retro photographers out there?

Happy Thursday!


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