Autumn Leaves and Butterflies feat Lady V London

Lady V London sent me a dress of my choice for review. All opinions are my own. Autumn Leaves and Butterflies | eyreeffect.comAutumn Leaves and Butterflies |

My lovely friend Sara Lily of In a Nutshell Blog has worn Lady V London several times before, and I am always absolutely smitten by their dresses. So when they offered to send me a dress of my choice for review, I was so excited! This beautiful Hepburn dress in a teal butterfly print appealed to me for its gorgeous colors and the ability I will have to wear it year-round. It is sleeveless, but has so many colors in its print — most unexpectedly, a mustard-brown — that with a change of cardigan or addition of tights, it is easily made appropriate for fall and winter.

Autumn Leaves and Butterflies |

Lady V London makes classic vintage style dresses in every glorious print you could ever wish for. They are stunning dresses — just look at this one! — and as soon as this arrived I ripped open the package eagerly. And I was not disappointed. This dress is made with a lovely cotton and elastane blend, making it feel like sturdy cotton but with that little bit of give for a perfect fit. It zips up the back, which is a major plus for me, and has a skirt full enough to wear a petticoat beneath! Their dresses range from £40-60, which is about $50-78, making them quite affordable, and they come in UK size 8 to 32. Autumn Leaves and Butterflies | eyreeffect.comAutumn Leaves and Butterflies | eyreeffect.comAutumn Leaves and Butterflies |

I have been needing a dress like this in my wardrobe for ages. It’s the kind of dress that you can throw on with very few accessories, and feel absolutely put together in an instant. I felt like I had to do very little work to look good wearing this, and I love that it came with a belt! To my delight, the shoes, which I had been needing for a while  but finally ordered to go with this dress, are the same texture as the belt: a velvety-soft material that adds a luxurious feel to the whole outfit. Autumn Leaves and Butterflies | eyreeffect.comAutumn Leaves and Butterflies | eyreeffect.comAutumn Leaves and Butterflies |

 Chase & Chloe heels are some of my favorites to own. So far, I’ve yet to purchase a pair that is a dud. My very first pair, this mustard yellow wedge, I bought three years ago and still have in my closet today. The shoe lining is starting to give a bit, but they’re the most comfortable shoes I own. I found my second pair while thrifting for 99 cents, and they, too, were extremely comfortable! Unfortunately I took them through one too many rough excursions, and the sides began to peel up. 

And now, I own these, which are absolutely gorgeous and comfortable so far as I can tell. I’ve worn them twice so far — once to see a movie, thus not needing to walk much, and then on the day I did this photoshoot. In the two or so hours I was on my feet shooting, my heels and soles didn’t feel sore once! Autumn Leaves and Butterflies | eyreeffect.comAutumn Leaves and Butterflies | eyreeffect.comAutumn Leaves and Butterflies |

I am most impressed by the fact that the material wipes off very easily. I wore them through some mild dirt and with one light swish of my fingers, they were clean again. 

This whole outfit is the kind that requires little maintenance, and is perfect for busy lives. Autumn Leaves and Butterflies | eyreeffect.comAutumn Leaves and Butterflies |

I have my eye on several more Lady V London dresses, namely  the Madison dress in teal cupcake, and the Elsie dress in pretty much any colorway — the latter specifically I think would make a cute maternity dress! And since I’ve purged most of my maternity wear over the last few years due to style changes, I need to stock up on pretty things to wear while pregnant!

Hepburn dress in teal butterfly, c/o Lady V London | Chase and Chloe heels, Amazon | hat, vintage (similar) | Cardigan, Amazon | Bag, vintage (similar)Autumn Leaves and Butterflies |

  • That dress is gorgeous! I love your bag too.

    On an unrelated note, why is it called a “Hepburn” dress? It’s not a silhouette I associate with Audrey Hepburn. If anything, it looks more like a Grace Kelly dress.

    • I’ve been wondering that as well! Maybe just because Audrey is a classic style icon and it’s a classic cut?

  • Lovely dress. And yay for introducing me to a new dress company to shop with! 😛

  • Beali

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and you’ve got many beautiful dresses but THIS one just blows me away. The combination of teal and mustard (that I would have never thought to wear together) looks incredible with your skin&hair! You always look gorgeous but this outfit makes you shine even more.

  • The Elsie dress is amazing so be careful – you may need to own them all once you spring for one! 😉

    These colors on you are STUNNING! Great pick for your first LVL dress. Their dresses are so comfy – I always appreciate the bit of stretch they have!

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