Mother-Daughter: Evie’s First Birthday

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Last month, I started planning a way to wear these beautiful flower crowns that my friend Caitlyn made us for a mother-daughter photoshoot for Evie’s first birthday. I am so excited to share those photos now; they turned out exactly how I had hoped they would! If you’re in the PNW and are searching for a photographer, by the way, these were taken by my husband and you can find us on Facebook as Suko Photography. Final-29 Final-22 I cannot believe Evie is a year old already. It doesn’t seem like a full year ago that we brought this beautiful  bundle home with us after a short labor and five minutes of pushing. It doesn’t seem like a full year ago I welcomed my second baby and began the ups and downs of two-child motherhood. Every day I am amazed by her as she grows and learns!  Final-16 Final-13She is funny, emotional, wiggly, loving, cuddly, happy, curious, and intelligent. I feel as though she is learning so much faster than Asa in so many ways, yet she’s also more of a baby than he was. The latter is perhaps supported by the fact that we reached a year of breastfeeding and are only just beginning to wean. Asa weaned himself by 8 months. So, I still have that to make her feel like my baby.    Final-14 Final-11 Final-9 She really is such a joy, though. I was so afraid of having two kids; I thought it would be so hard and thankless — and sometimes it is. But it’s so much more. Every day I get to witness my kids growing and learning and the love they have for each other is the biggest reward. Asa loves his baby, and Evie loves her brother. They’re inseparable at home. Evie wakes him up every morning by crawling to his door and banging on it, or he looks for her if she’s not awake when he is.

I never knew how much fun it would be to watch two kids grow up together, how much it would make my heart melt. Having two makes me look forward to (someday) having three, and then four, and then five. And beyond that, who knows. Final-10 Final-7 Final-4

She is a blessing.

She charms everyone around her, and has even made people like her when they claim to not care for kids. I cannot wait to watch her grow even more, and begin to walk and talk and become more of a girly girl! She already puts necklaces (or anything else she possibly can) around her neck, and proudly crawls around the house wearing them.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better baby. Happy birthday, my darling Evie!

Dress, Grace Karin | Flats, Amazon | Flower crown, gift | Evie’s dress, A Wee Little Me on EtsyFinal-2Final-3Final-27


Strawberries and Polka Dots | Mama+ Baby Style

I use some links in this post that earn me money if you purchase from them! But these products were 100% purchased with my own money and I love ’em. Thank you for supporting me and my blog!Strawberries and Polka Dots | www.eccentricowl.comStrawberries and Polka Dots | I have been wanting to introduce mother+daughter style posts for a while (I would try mother+son, but Asa refuses to be photographed these days!), but I always felt like we had to match. And the thing is, Evie and I don’t have many outfits that match. She primarily has pinks and purples, while those two colors are the ones that I own the least of.

So today, since I wasn’t quite feeling my own outfit pictures, I thought… heck, why not have Evie join me? So here’s to a new series, whenever Evie is wearing something I find particularly cute. Whether we match or not! And this strawberry dress is the perfect way for Evie to filter into my style posts!Strawberries and Polka Dots | www.eccentricowl.comStrawberries and Polka Dots | www.eccentricowl.comStrawberries and Polka Dots | I have been dying to get my hands on this strawberry dress from Target for AGES. I’ve seen it everywhere online, and for obvious reasons (aka, strawberry prints are my jam! Pun obviously intended) I had to get it. But I also wanted to wait because it was almost $20 and she’s not gonna fit this thing forever. My patience won out when today, it was on the clearance rack for much cheaper, and in her current size! This chunk is already in 2T almost everything, except for her feet. Her feet are still in 3-6 month sizes. It’s the only petite thing about her. Strawberries and Polka Dots | www.eccentricowl.comStrawberries and Polka Dots |

As for myself, for once I decided to go colorless. It’s not my usual thing, but with this glorious gray-blue lipcolor from NYX, I felt like a classic black-and-white outfit was called for, with a little bit of sass thrown in with the double buns. I felt gloriously dark and mysterious, which is something I am generally not. In the world of mystery, I am your transparent rainbow.  Strawberries and Polka Dots | www.eccentricowl.comStrawberries and Polka Dots |

I’ve been a bit MIA recently and if you’re wondering why, well… life with kids, I’m not super inspired by summer, and we had three photoshoots in three weeks that I have been tackling. I didn’t realize how crazy last month was until I realized how overhwhelmed I was with all of the things I needed to get done!

Thankfully, I am finished with the wedding photos I’d been working hard on, and now I have a family shoot to complete and then… maybe I’ll post more than once a week over here. I miss the regularity of blogging and exerting my creativity with outfits! I suppose another bit of why I haven’t blogged much is that I only fit into half of my clothes. I’ve been working hard to stick to a healthy diet, and mostly succeeding, but it will be a while before I reach that waist size again.

Strawberries and Polka Dots |

Body positivity is something I’ve been trying to maintain as well; appreciating my body for the things it has done rather than how it looks, for what it CAN do, and for how hard it works to provide nourishment for my lusciously healthy baby. It’s amazing how your view of yourself can change when you start to review how much you have done and can do, rather than hang on to the things that don’t fit or the things you can’t do! Someday I’ll be stronger and fitter, but right now this is where I’m at so I’m working to be okay with that!

Strawberries and Polka Dots | Strawberries and Polka Dots |

As I raise a daughter, I’ve been thinking about how I want to teach her to value what she has, and to be aware of her beauty but not obsess over it. To appreciate herself, but also realize that true beauty comes from within, as cliche as that sounds. True beauty is in the heart, in how you care for others and show yourself to be kind and faithful and loyal and true. I hope she learns that as she grows up watching me do all the physical things that make me happy, as a woman, to do. That makeup and clothes are fun, but first work on attitude.  Strawberries and Polka Dots |

Evie’s dress and shoes, Target | headscarf, mine/thrifted

She is so beautiful sometimes it hurts and I hope she never has the insecurities and obsessions that I had growing up!

Strawberries and Polka Dots |

My shirt and shoes, thrifted | skirt, old | Lips, Nyx Liquid Suede in Stone Fox

I hope you all had a fantastic start to your week!


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Evie Rose: Seven Months

Evie Rose: Seven Months |

Somehow, I neglected to share her six month photos. Probably because I tried twice and didn’t really like them either time, but… I did make a video, which you can watch here!

And now, she’s seven months old. She has officially tipped the scale towards one, and I am so not ready for it!Evie Rose: Seven Months |

This pretty girl is such a personality. She is a sunshine baby,  but a very quiet one until suddenly, she wants something. And then EVERYONE knows it. I’m always surprised by how loud she can get; one minute she’s minding her own business, the next she’s yelling because a toy is too far away. She makes me laugh!Evie Rose: Seven Months | Evie Rose: Seven Months |

She is a very social baby, and always checks peoples’ eyes first. She will smile and smile and lean towards whomever is talking to her, but ultimately she’s a mama’s girl. She’s starting to get to the age where she isn’t too happy if she can’t see me while with strangers, and I love it.

Evie Rose: Seven Months | Evie Rose: Seven Months |

Other than carrots, she has yet to eat any solid food regularly and much prefers to breastfeed. We can’t really get her to take a bottle yet, but that’s okay. I didn’t get to breastfeed Asa as long as I would have liked, so I am cherishing this time of connection. I know it will be over all too soon!

Today Evie is taking my place in All Dress April, since I didn’t get shots of my outfit on Monday; I hope you’re all having a great week, and happy Thursday!


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Life in Movement

I have been wanting to start doing videos for a while, on YouTube. But I wasn’t quite sure what about; I’ve been asked to do tutorials, writing videos, fashion videos, etc… but none of it really stuck with me.

Today, I decided to take some video of Asa doing a simple, mundane thing… and realized this is what I was looking for. So if you’re itching to see more of my life behind the outfits, subscribe on YouTube! I will likely share the videos here as well, but on a more sporadic basis.

And, I liked doing that one so much, I may or may not have made two more. One isn’t up yet, but I felt Evie needed a fair chance at some video exposure too, so she got her own little video:

I am really excited to finally have found a way that feels right to me for sharing more of motherhood. Photos work, yes, but I am not sure how into lifestyle photography I am at the moment. Video, though? I love it. I love the ability it gives me to capture my kids as more than just still life. I will probably still upload the occasional tutorial, the makeup through the ages videos, and maybe vlogs, but I am really obsessed with taking lifestyle video right now.

So, I’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit, but for now… enjoy!


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Mom on the Go | Outfit

Mom on the Go |  Mom on the Go | www.eccentricowl.com12

Generally, when you search for mom-on-the-go style, a circle skirt is probably not on the list of items to wear. Yet, that’s exactly what I reach for first. The fullness makes it an easy item to move around in, lift, sit, run, whatever you need to do with kids. It also hides any random stains that might be made through the day (hello, ketchup), and can be easily styled with a tee and flats to make it a stylish outfit that is comfortable, practical, and retro.

The fabric of this skirt is moisture-wicking, too, which makes it even better for a mom outfit.

Today was the first time I’ve ever taken both kids with me to run errands. We went to McDonald’s for lunch, then to the pediatrician for Asa’s 2 year checkup and shots, and then to the store for some diapers and a few groceries. So I needed an outfit that was easy, but I also wanted to look put-together.

Mom on the Go | www.eccentricowl.comMom on the Go |

For some reason, I toss this shirt in my Goodwill pile every time I clean out my closet. The fabric is thin, and the shirt tends to ride up on my hips, so I always have second thoughts about keeping it. But then I rescue it, because it is soft, has long sleeves, and can be nursed in.  And the color is gorgeous. As you probably know, I love bright colors, and while blue is not usually my go-to color, I realized today that I have a headscarf in the exact color of this shirt, and these flats are basically in the same color family. They don’t match, but they go.

That’s a concept my mom (hi, mom!) has a hard time with. While I am okay with colors that aren’t super matching, but are generally complimentary to each other, my mom loves to match everything with everything. A few weeks ago she texted me a selfie wearing jewelry that didn’t match, and told me that it was very hard for her to not change out the necklace with something that matched her earrings. I told her I was so proud. And also laughing.

Mom on the Go | Mom on the Go |

Style wise, my mom and I are vastly different, yet somehow the same; I am super girly and always have been, while she grew up a tomboy. She loves paisley and tie-dye, I prefer polka-dots and gingham. I like to mix patterns and colors, she likes to match. She rarely wears makeup, I wear it almost every day.

But, before I was married and while I still lived with my parents, somehow we always inadvertently chose the same color schemes almost every day. Often, she’ll exclaim “I wore something like that in highschool!” and I dearly wish that the one or two items she’s saved from her highschool days would fit me (but she was shorter and thinner than I am, so alas!)

Mom on the Go |

Shirt, Target | Skirt, self-made | shoes, belt, brooch, and headscarf, thrifted | earrings, gift.

It’s interesting to me to see what I’ve inherited from my parents as I get older. I am social and talkative like my dad, yet introverted and need my own space like my mom. I have my dad’s lips, but my mom’s face. I bottle up my emotions like my dad (hi, dad), but also crave open communication like my mom.

And style? Well, I think I am most like my dad’s mom, who, at my age, wore the same types of skirts and easygoing but elegant outfits. Mom on the Go |

Grandma Helen on the left; my mom in 7th grade, my dad in his teens.

What did you gain from your parents? Or your grandparents? Funny enough, I am not blood related to my grandma — my dad was adopted. But I was born on her birthday, and I have always wanted to be like her. I hope one day I can be the woman of faith, kindness, and humor that she was!

Happy Wednesday!


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