Christmas Traditions

I have not shared much about daily life, family adventures, or anything to do with my family (and especially kids) here in a very long time. About a year ago, a situation happened during which a person left some demeaning and intentionally derisive comments about myself and my mothering abilities, and I later found that this person or others who know them had taken a photo of my husband and made a sort of demeaning meme out of it. Everything that they said in these comments was based on their very limited internet knowledge of me and my life, mostly gathered from joking things I had said in passing on a Facebook group thread. It’s not a story I feel the need to get into any more, but since that time, I have felt pretty reticent to share my kids here on the blog.

I do run a photography Instagram account on which my kids dominate, but I rarely share motherhood incidents or personal stories any more. I never really addressed the real reason for this anywhere except my own personal Facebook account in a vague sort of way, which then sparked a few more nasty things and it took a long time for me to process everything that had happened. Postpartum depression and anxiety were strong at the time, so the whole situation left its mark for a long time. And then a few weeks ago, I realized something.

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